[EVENT] Miner Mania

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  1. What was the world and outpost this time?
  2. It was smp5 waste East heading East
  3. but in the future if you put 8pm I will still check in to see at 3pm lol :p
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  4. Awesome event!
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  5. Ooh I’ll try my best to make it sazu
  6. I really enjoyed tonight's Miner Mania! Thank you for hosting Saz!:D It ended up being a really productive mining session. I filled four entire vault pages.

    I also went around and tried to get a few pics. I like taking them. :p

  7. Wow looks good everyone!
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  8. Aww carol I always want to go to your MM’s but they’re always when I’m in school :3
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  9. Looks like ya guys had fun. I would go but my keyboard is awfully loud and I shouldn't stay up till midnight on school nights :(

    I like taking pics too :3 What texture pack are you using? It's nice :p
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  10. I'm using the Flows HD texture pack.
  11. Tonights miner mania was fun, it was also fun fighting a marlix for you!
  12. *sigh*
    I miss Friday night mining events. There used to be a midnight miners on Saturday nights and this is too late for me :(
  13. well.... this happened around 3am EMC time

    Midnight Miner Mania are always so crazy and unpredictable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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  14. Lovin all the buttons!! =D

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  15. I started that :p It was cos toades fire got broken by a ghast
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  16. First Miner Mania for the February 2019 Wasteland reset!
    Thank you, Luckygreenbird, for hosting! Had fun playing with everybody!

  17. By request, here's a little album to summarize the fun times we had last night! there were some awesome and original builds out there, and tons of fun! Way too much for me to summarize properly, but I hope others who were there will chime in with their favorite parts!

    If you're interested in heading out there, here's the livemap link - I'll keep the beacon up (and locked to haste II) for a few weeks as usual.

    here's the main community area, "the safety hut" as I like to call it

    this is the cobble bridge and staircase that leads to the outpost!

    here are some overflow community chests ;) what a generous bunch we are :p

    two of our homes on the lake! what a presence!
    (the one on the right is KikuDusk's, but I'm not sure who built the one on the lake)

    The Tower (very impressive ;) )

    WyntyRaevyn's cottage, a little away from the main village

    down into the DEPTHS
    this is the entrance to the main mineshaft (I got lost down there a few times...)

    a view from the bridge, looking out over the northern side of the village

    a view from the bridge, looking out to the southern side of the village (the half that's on the cliff :p )

    Jam_11's treehouse! very cool

    Hafsa's cliff-top hideaway ;) pretty neat!

    the tree on Rhycicles and Khixian's lawn

    this is the tower Rhycicles and Khixian built together! impressive! :D

    I believe this concrete house is the most modern-style build we have out there
    (built by JohnKid, I do believe)

    gravitybuster38 declared upon first arrival (one of the first to the site!) that they would build a Sad Little Shack
    well done!

    I struggled to find a vantage point to get all of this granite tower into the shot, but I think I finally managed it!
    what an impressive sight. (there are also some magma blocks as a sort of perimeter, so mind your step out there! :p )

    and finally, the shot from the waste outpost at sunset

    Some of the night's highlights include visits from each of the bosses (minus, I think, Marlix)! We also had quite a lot of enraged mobs popping in for some chaos (and a quick death.... many of which were my own :rolleyes:).

    I'm so pleased with everything that happened at the event last night, it was tons of fun! I'm sorry to any of you who couldn't join us last night, but I'm confident there will be another in the future when you can join us for more awesome fun times! Thank you to everyone who was able to join us, even for a little while, you all made it so much fun! It would not have been the same without you. <3
  18. Vary nice
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  19. I am down for another Miner Mania :p
  20. couple pix of tonight's event (featuring my double duck bridge :p)