[EVENT] Miner Mania

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  1. Midnight Miner Mania tonight!!!! I'm so hyped :D :D :D :D

    Will I see you there? ;)
  2. Woot! I plan on attending :D
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  3. I'll hopefully be there as well! :D
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  4. Friday night was awesome!! I took some pictures while it was happening, but it took me some extra time to get them uploaded ;)

    Here's 20 of them!

    The start of the bridge (located in Waste E, in the western direction)

    The end of the bridge, and the start of our village

    This Savannah Plateau M was just to our SW, past a vanilla village - this biome is so stunning!

    the vanilla village from above, as seen while coming back from my aerial trip to the Savannah Plateau M

    one of the farms we added to the area ;) (this one was added by TailChaserMC)

    the facilities around the community safety hut, and the paths (built by MeadMaker)

    another farm that was added (carrots, by MeadMaker, we believe)

    on the outskirts of town, looking in (from the bridge)

    Wheat on a nearby island, by robobozo

    a ravine, located at the bottom of the public mine entrance

    a massive cavern nearby

    so much lava down there o.o

    it's everywhere! ;_;

    you can just barely see the edge of where this place was mined out!

    xGGirlx's House

    MoreMoople's spidey hut

    The dock! <3

    Carconductor's house

    OracleMask's house

    If you'd like to visit the area, here's the livemap link. I left a beacon out there (and I'll be setting it to haste II soon) for anybody who'd like to go out and make use of our facilities :p

    edited to fix/add names of people who worked on the facilities :D
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  5. Bonus round: the remaining 4 screenshots from Friday night!

    dangling exp orbs! (I wish I could've made a gif of this, it was pretty cool to look at)

    rip U_U (it made me chuckle, though - nice touch with the redstone :p )

    BB557's poor horse :( it was an epic battle with a creeper and a husk, but the horse didn't make it

    Netherhounds got the best of me (twice!) and after an extended rescue mission, finally everything ended up alright ;)

    I think we ended up doing battle with every type of boss on EMC (except Sorgina) at least once. I know Eyender and Marlix showed up to fight at least twice, but Momentus didn't come back for more after he was defeated ;)

    :D Thanks to the gallant fighters in our group, we didn't have to abandon our mining establishment :D
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  6. I did the pumpkin farm, I think MeadMaker did the carrots. Thanks for all the screenshots!
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  7. fixed and added names for those farms! :)
    Thanks for letting me know :p The facilities really make our MM village a step above the norm ;) (I know I usually end up just digging a hole in the ground and then I have to make trips for any food or wood that I don't bring with me. This way is much more convenient!)
  8. Aww, you can't see my throne inside the Very Organic Dome House from that angle~ :p
  9. Enjoy tonight's MM, I'll be working.
  10. Had a great time during tonight's Miner Mania! I was able to mine quite a bit resources, several vault pages worth in fact. :D

    I also found not one...
    ... not double...
    ... but a triple ravine!

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  11. A mini spider farm was able to be set up as well