[Event]Mesa Quarry Building[Community Project]

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  1. Image of the meeting place for the project in the Wasteland(see cords) SMP3
    This is an unique project meant to unite all engineers of this server to build a massive redstone creation designed to mine out a land area, in this case a mesa land out of the map and give resources for builders and engineers alike. The event will go into 3 parts, the first is the digging and assembling of the mining machine, second part is the running of the machine and finale is the result, all items are given to people who need them.

    This event is planned next week(23rd November) at 9 PM GST +2 and in the wastelands. The position is yet to be decided as the area must be scouted for the best mesa quarry place

    During the week before the event, redstone resources are going to be gathered. If you have any, please contact me, we will need a lot
  2. I am curious as what method you will use to make the blocks drop. Do you think it will be compatible with potential server lag? and resets?
  3. Flying machines don't work on emc. I forget which block specifically it is, but either hoppers or pistons or something similar are unable to be moved by a piston.
  4. Strange. I have a working wood farm on my res that uses a flying machine for its Oak mode. Though it is observer/slime based so maybe that has something to do with it.
  5. Tile blocks like chests can't be moved by pistons, That is iron rule.

    I was informed about Wither, that wither can break blocks just fine
  6. Flying machines do work in the wild however you need to turn off anti-griefing protection to make them work. I used them to clear ocean for the usual reasons.

    A bigger problem is the lag caused by a large machine and having large numbers of entities (broken blocks) floating around. Anyone interested, go break a dozen chests full of stacks and enjoy your 2fps. Then you can explain to staff why you're lagging the server.

    Things like render distance and hopper intake rate can affect your plans, have a read of changes for some really useful info.

    I would love to see more big community projects but things like this need to be balanced against server performance.

    Good luck!
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  7. Okay: some clearingup about what is and isn't possible on EMC:

    First of all. I don't know who's design you're going to be using, but most of them wouldn't work on EMC as they require the movement of rails, which is impossible on EMC. Additionally: most designs are designed around duping TNT for the blast chambers, which neither is allowed on this server. :(

    If you do find a design that uses normal TNT (probably using a stationairy blast chamber) and such, the lagg should not be a true problem. The absence of it would be. on EMC, the chunk loading system is different from normal Minecraft 1.12.2, redstone components aren't able to load additional chunks to see what they can do, this is to prevent lagg, You must therfore load the entire area the machine is mining in with players to make it function, crashing it immedeatily and unrepairebly when one accound gets disconected and another doesn't. The redstone itself, especially with the Scicraft designs, wouldn't be laggy at all on the EMC server. :)

    For the lagg question in general: large machines don't cause lagg: bad design causes lagg. Someone who doesn't know anything about lagg prevention can make the simpelest thing very very laggy (storage systems are neutorious for this), where most people who actually know what they're doing can make the largest machines basically lagg-free with proper optimalisation. I can run most of thease huge machines on a potato i3 & intergrated graphics machine I have. :rolleyes:

    A proper wither cage could work, though I will say that they are quite buggy on EMC, due to some changes in update order and such.

    Additionally: indeed: hopper intake rates are different on EMC, but with a large project like this, which generates a lot of items, that should not be a problem, as you have a large array of hoppers anyway controlling the x times hopperspeed output.

    Hope that helps :)

  8. This is the design I am interested to use, it's light and friendly, and using wither should work. But TNT can be a sweet alternative if we get griefing greenlight
  9. Request for all members interested to attend the event, the site for future quarry will have small outpost built in(temporary for the project holding items for project).
    Please provide your spare resources of Cobblestone, Smile and wood to me and contact me beforehand.
  10. I would first confirm that that design works in 1.12.12, as it is only listed to work in 1.13 and 1.14, both of which have some observer and some piston mechanic changes. Additionally: I would test the block destruction mechanism to work on EMC, and check the piston blow-up block-thing. Certain blocks will not be blown up on EMC, others will, I don't know which will and which won't, but I do know you will have to scout the area, and download the world to make sure that there are no blocks in your area that are impossible to break with TNT, in the same way that it would be neccesairy to check for any spawners etc to make sure the piston don't lock on thase blocks.
  11. I did check it works ^-^
    Will double check it tho for any concern.
    Also this is a horizontal design, meaning we can check and remove any block that could pose threat, even tho this quarry is designed with failsafe features in mind
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    The event is still 6 days away but resources are to be gathered in huge quantities, I personally am investing my time into collecting as much slime as I can, but here's the breakdown of all resources we need.
    - Cobblestone
    - Redstone(Torches, Repeaters,Cooperators, Blocks, Dust)
    - Pistons,StickyPistons
    - Slime,Slimeblocks
    - Iron(This one is on me, I have plenty from mining and farming)
    - Beacons(For digging out the initial trench
    - Gold or Emeralds(beacon)
    - Quartz (Comperators and Observers need it)
  13. I am working on the project with all my heart, are you tho?[Propoganda? idk is it?]
  14. I downloaded the world and let it run in 1.12.2, less laggy than a basic sorter so that's great news. It's not huge and is quite slow compared to a ravenous band of EMCers at a Big Dig (or even a Miner Mania). But I would like to see it going!

    The biggest problem is the tnt, you'll need to place it and set it off manually. Dispensers don't dispense TNT on EMC (lit or unlit). Just don't get the timing wrong.
  15. I was informed that a good alternative is a wither cage
    Additionally this design is tillable so big building coming up, I'll expect a lot of peeps, I sent the live streamers message too about this event
  16. Wither cage only works with bedrock and not with obsidian to my knowledge

    Just a heads up in case u didnt know

    Only found out recently (i dont use them alot)
  17. I need a solid confirmation, is this a 1.12 server not 1.12.2.
    If that's the case. then we have a wither cage design here
  18. The server is 1.12.2. I'm sorry :)
  19. 1.12.2
  20. Anyway, I've been busy with studies and all that,(exam today I had) and yea, I'll gather more slimes and hey look at the time, tomorrow the event starts.
    We need a blast chamber still where we break blocks to collect them.
    I am calling for all minds to figure this one out as this is the heart of the project!