[Event]Mesa Quarry Building[Community Project]

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  1. I have completely ran out of redstone so I'll be mining tonight,
    I'll be waiting for you all tomorrow, I sure do. Let's make this event a nice time where we not only dig but make machine that will do wonders for us <3
  2. I can give you redstone if you need some?
  3. Welcome to the site, I am placing in here first redstone resources for the project, please come and join and put your part in and soon we can start working on our quarry.
  4. Event starts in 3 hours, get ready everyone! <3
  5. The flying quarry I tried will push slim blocks, but when pulling the slime block detach.
  6. Best of luck to everyone involved. I cannot wait to see the end result, be sure to take pictures!
  7. I tested it, slime blocks do push and pull blocks
    Anyway, we need a lot of people here to dig out the trench, I'll expect a lot of people
  8. Alrighty, event starts now
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  9. Unfortunately I had to go to work!
  10. Unfortuantely for the community, someone had the bright idea of looting the chests of all the redstone resources we had prepared for the quarry project, but while the staff members are working hard to find the culprit and bring justice, we are not giving up and preparing for the big dig.
  11. Soo, today the event went badly, but not to worry as we learned quite a bit from it.
    1. This server has a poopoopeepee head that likes to loot community projects.
    2. server has a redstone range and that can break horizontal quarries.
    3. Vertical quarry can be best, however https://youtu.be/htRyAMe4yAI as can be seen here requires way to break blocks automatically.
    so unless we have a legit method to break blocks, quarries are impossible and this server is doomed to never see a quarry.

    Please I would love to hear your input on quarries, I did everything I could, I got robbed, and my ideas failed. I now turn to you guys for help.
  12. Have staff come and help you get your stuff back, then can check logs and stuff to see who took what.

    As far as block breaking goes, if you can funnel blocks into an area, you can have a player using a voters pick and just be sitting there holding LMB while watching a movie. Check afk rules for details.
  13. Sorry to hear what happened!
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