[Event] King of Netherite

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  1. As the 1.16 update looms, tension over Netherite hunting increases. Players will be scouring the waste end for blocks of ancient debris. But who will reign supreme over this highly coveted material?

    This competition is a measure of who can gather the most ancient debris, Nethrite scraps, or Netherite ingots in one week.

    Please reply to this thread stating your interest!

    Starting immediately once 1.16 is released on EMC, this comeptition will 7 days and will end on midnight of the eighth day. Specific date and time will be posted once 1.16 is released.

    1) No teaming
    2) Please have mined all the netherite yourself, do not include purchased netherite in your submission
    3) Please abide by EMC rules.

    You DO NOT have to give me the netherite you mine (lol!).

    The submission can be in the form of ancient debris, netherite scrap, or netherite ingot. An ingot will count as 4 pieces of scrap. Your submission must be in a preview chest on your first residence, and must be there by the end of the game.

    Winner - Gold Supporter Voucher x1, Shulker Shells x32
    Runner Up - 25,000 Rupees, Shulker Shells x16, Vault Voucher x5
    2nd Runner Up - 10,000 Rupees, Diamond x32, Gold Block x128

    Prizes will be mailed to the winners.

    Prize pool donations will be divided appropriately among the three winners. Donations can be made at +netherite or 11078 on SMP5 in the white shulker box, or mailed to cTJx. Rupee donations are also available at the teleport.

    Please ask if you have any questions, or if I missed anything. Staff, please let me know if this competition format is invalid. Good luck, and happy mining :)
  2. This is very neat!
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  3. This seems pretty cool, and I surely hope I can be around to participate when the update goes live. Happy nether mining! And may the odds be ever in your favor. :)
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  4. This looks fun, I'm totally gonna have to get in on this!
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  5. Registration format changed. Please reply to this thread stating your interest, this will simplify things a lot. Thanks!!
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  6. Welp looks like I wont be getting sleep for a week.
  7. looks like a great event! excited to participate!
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  8. There goes my vacation time. Can't travel anywhere anyway. Better get my crown sized. I have a very big head.
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  9. I'll join even though I won't be aggressively mining for the stuff. I think I waited until the 2nd reset after Elytras were introduced to go venture out and find one for myself. So I'm not in that much of a rush.
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  10. Time to buy lots of NOS and coffee.
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  11. NOS! a man of culture I see!

    But yeah time to full send it. I havent gone a week without sleeping in nearly 15 months. starting to miss it.
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  12. Sounds like fun! I shall have to get the pickaxes ready. :D
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  13. should be a fun event! hopefully I have the time to dedicate when EMC goes to 1.16
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  14. Im up for this! Count me as The winner I mean Count me in!
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