[EVENT] Hole In One Trivia

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  1. So usually we add hole in one trivia as just a part of a main event. Tonight, it IS the event.

    What does this mean?
    More questions. More categories. More chances to prove how smart you are, or how fast you can google/search the forums. Then more chances to fall to your death try to land in a puddle of water from a tall platform.

    When: 8 pm EMC time on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
    Where: SMP7 /v party

    See you there :)
  2. Death is always fun :D
  3. Dangit, 2 AM my time... Still awesome, have fun, and good luck to all attending! :)
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  4. I'd like to attend one of these one day, but last time I decided the Stairway to Heaven Parkour would be less stressful :p
    This is too late for me anyway, but if there's one at a suitable time for me again, I might try it too.
    Hoping my internet connection works with me, then :rolleyes:
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  5. Note: If you successfully get a hole in one on any hole greater than a Par 3, you get your name on a plaque in the clubhouse and your username force-changed to "Happy Gilmore." Best of- Hm? Wrong type of hole in one? Why did I rent these clubs, then? *grumbles*
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  6. So you're telling me this is an event where people answer trivia about meaningless things that nobody ever taught you and things people taught that have some to little use? That's my kinda event!
  7. Sounds fun however its at 1am so i won't be attending but good luck to everyone who will die be there :D
  8. *glares at rhythmically* I won't be attending because I can never answer in time :p Good luck to everyone who's going to be there!
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  9. Looks like it's already started. Steve's trying to jump into the o hole.

    My money says he'll splat.
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  10. Well not everything is completely useless information gathered from the webs.
    Some is about EMC =)
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  11. Will Try My Best To Attend :D
  12. Well good thing I read the whole wiki before joining too!
  13. School ;-;
  14. 1am but we'll see... could be do-able. May see you there, may not, if not then I hope y'all have fun!
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  15. Ooh sounds fun! I'll try my absolute hardest to be there! :p
  16. I will try my best to make it
  17. Ah, Don't think I can make it. Dance Tonight :/
  18. Yay I love these!

    /v party on smp7 for anyone who hasn't gotten the info yet :)
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