[EVENT] Harvest Day (10 PM EMC time)

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  1. Saturday, March 2nd

    Host: MoreMoople!
    Time: 10:00 PM (EMC time)

    Location: /v harvestday or /v 5858 on Utopia!

    Harvest Day is an event held in town on Utopia - as you're able to fly, the tops of trees or chorus plants are easier to reach and therefore even easier to chop! The multi-floor residence has lots of items to collect, check out the full list on the wiki page here.

    The idea behind this event is to have fun and meet new players! There are no winners or prizes, just the items that you collect :D

    Please remember to replant after harvesting!

    Looking forward to seeing you all there :rolleyes:
  2. im confused. this says Wednesday 21st December?
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  3. Whoops! My bad. It has been fixed. :)
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  4. Deepest apologies for the delay! While the thread says 10PM, I was initially supposed to start this at 8PM and got caught up in family stuff. I'm so sorry for the delay for anyone who is waiting on the event. Starting here soon!
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  5. Thanks for the handful that showed up tonight, whether to check out the res or to harvest/grind a little bit of materials. Hopefully once I'm back at 100% again I can get back to hosting these more often - whether to help Moops cover like tonight or setting up and hosting some of my own on different days! :) (This post was originally stating the res was open so that’s the reason for the timestamp!)
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  6. Next Harvest Day, Thursday January 11th, at 8pm. See you there o/
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  7. another
    Sunday, February 18th

    Host: MoreRaaynn MoreMoople!
    Time: 5:00 PM (EMC time)

    Location: /v harvestday or /v 5858 on Utopia!