[Event] Grief Party

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  1. A good in-game friend of mine, redfire23 (now known as DrowningWhale), sent me a private message last week on the 11th. The private message thread was titled "The end."

    We met on Empire Minecraft in 2012.

    Prior to his departure, he gave me admin permissions at his residence, and asked me to take his promotional/special items and host a grief party at his residence.

    I am planning to give his promotional items away soon. :)

    DrowningWhale has always been very generous throughout his EMC life by hosting many giveaways. He has given away an Ore Buster, two Independence Day Fireworks, a Diamond Supporter Voucher, a Spooky Egg, an unused Dancer egg, a Cupid Bundle, a Remembrance Poppy, two Vault Vouchers, a Magical Eggcellent Wand, two Headless Horseman Masks, and two Meteor Bows.

    Let's all remember him through this event!

    DrowningWhale's Grief Party

    When: December 23rd, 2015 at 3 p.m. EMC Time
    Where: 17455 on SMP8

    BE THERE! :D
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  2. i'll be there
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  3. i wish i'd gotten to know this poor whale *.*
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  4. i'll try to be there :p
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  5. It's a shame he's leaving/left, he was a friend of mine. I'll try to be there!
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  6. Even though I never met him, his fourth res was next to my first. It was the first residence I ever visited (and seeing how it was just lava and pink glass everywhere, it was also the first res I ever questioned. :p)

    I'll be sure to attend! :D
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  7. Bump. I would like a lot of people to participate. :)
  8. Bump. This one's for the nocturnal people and non-US residents. :rolleyes:
  9. So sorry he is leaving! I wish I knew him! May I have one of his meteor bows... Please?
    Edit - This is a time when autocorrect is wanting to wreck our lives...
  10. The Meteor Bow was in the list of items he has given away, but there might be an extra one of his that I would be able to give away later. :)
  11. I'll be there.
    I never met him, but we should still be sad that he's leaving. :(
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  12. bump. this will happen tomorrow at 15:00!
  13. what time em time?
  14. Is it not happening right now?
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  15. Aw, i missed it.

    How'd it go? :3
  16. It didn't.
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  17. Eh? Is it being rescheduled?
  18. I believe it was just a typo in the OP. :)
  19. Oh, so actual date is the 23rd.
    I see.