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Can you make it? This poll is to get a rough idea of who is coming!

Would not miss it for the world! ;) 13 vote(s) 22.4%
Sure, I will try my best to get there! :) 39 vote(s) 67.2%
Cannot make it, sorry! :( 6 vote(s) 10.3%
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  1. FDNY21's 365th Day Event!

    On the Saturday the 23rd November, FDNY21 shall be hosting a special event for his year on EMC!

    The event shall be held at 18029 on Smp9, and the aim of the game is to dig to the bottom of the residence to find secret chests, and WIN BIG!

    There is 50,000 rupees worth of prizes at stake, so do NOT miss out!

    The event starts at 11:30 Pm GMT, alternatively 6:30 Pm for you EST peoples. If you need a time converted you can always just quickly type it into google, only takes a minute, or private message me with your time zone and I will tell you! :)

    Come along with all of us at Smp9 and WIN BIG in the BIG DIG! There are 7 chests dug deep into the ground, one being the glamorous Grand Prize! *NEW* BONUS PRIZE! TRY YOUR LUCK AT FINDING AN 8th CHEST TOO!

    Iron shovels will be handed out free of charge before build and container rights are given so that everyone has a chance to win! Or alternatively you can bring your own shovel, there are no rules as to what type or enchants you bring on your shovel, but if you do not bring one you get one for free! (so long as stocks last)

    I hope you can all come to the event and best of luck to you all! Also, if you would like to donate to the BIG DIG please add me to a conversation! Feel free to leave a reply or private message with any other queries or anything at all, and I hope to see you then! ;)

    -Special thanks to Olaf_C for the creative idea!
    -Special thanks to MoeMacZap for 20k of donations!
    -Special thanks to Marine4121 for the diamonds, ingots and glowstone!
  2. I will try my best to get there, sure i will be, But have fun it will be a good night : )
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  3. I like the creative idea for an event, I'll try and make it :)
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  4. Will try to make it, sounds like fun...
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  5. Thanks for the feedback! Looking for more people to come and take part! Take your vote on the poll and reply to the thread with any comments if you wish :)
  6. I'm afraid I can't make it for it's at 11.30pm for me :( I hope you guys have a great party and hope ya win big! :D
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  7. I am starting it at 11:30 Pm my time :p British? Sorry to hear you cannot come, but thanks!
  8. Yay event! Totally be there.
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  9. Yep im British.
  10. Me too :) Sorry you cannot come :( If you do find some time, you are still very welcome!
    Glad to hear it Dark :)
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  11. Will be throwing in a dc of enchanted books, maybe more. You might have to add more chests ;)
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  12. My idea btw ;).
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  13. Okay, two options here :)

    1) You can auction/sell all the books off and donate the money to the cause so we can have some rupee prizes!

    or alternatively 2) You can give me signed books which are redeemable to you. The title would have to be "WINNER #6" of the book, and then "WINNER #7" so on, and just write in it what they have won and when they have to redeem by :)

    Just give me a PM if you need to talk over any details or have another idea! Thanks!

    Yep ;) I will write that at the bottom of the thread, as well as the top donators! Thanks!
  14. New rule: Only one of each prize is allowed per person. If you win the grand prize, runner up prize and a side prize you can only keep the grand or runner and have 1 side prize too. So limit is that there is only 1 side prize per person and only 1 grand or runner up prize per person. Reply if you do not get the explanation!
  15. I believe I will be able to attend, but I have a question, if the shovel that you give us breaks, do we get another?
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  16. We will probably hand out 2 to each player. If you seem to break both of those and we have spares, sure we will hand more out :)
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  17. Quick Note: TNT will not be allowed as prizes could be blown up :p Bump!
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