[Event/Contest] The Giving Tree - February

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  1. HaHa nice story ... but unfortunately , creepers gonna creep... know what I mean?
  2. 6 days left to enter
  3. Oh crud , better add more to mine , because someones gonna make one SOOOO good , It will take ages so They enter it the day before! uh oh! I'm gonna edit mine more now.
  4. Does it have to be in my 11:59:59 at 2/15/13 or by 11:59:59 2/16/13?
    And what time zone are you in?
  5. 2/16/13 at 11:59 EST
  6. Okay, great! :)
    Erosego's head bump!
    Erosego's Head
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  8. Hell yeah. Building time. *Puts sunglasses on*
  9. I think this has ended or at least is close. Am I correct?
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  10. My entry, finally got it done :)
    2013-02-16_10.18.27.png 2013-02-16_10.18.35.png 2013-02-16_10.18.53.png 2013-02-16_10.19.16.png 2013-02-16_10.19.23.png 2013-02-16_10.19.51.png 2013-02-16_10.20.21.png 2013-02-16_10.18.40.png

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  11. it is 2:03 EST right now on 2/16/13 your post was posted 32 minutes ago 2:03-34 minuets = 1:27 or so which is after 11:59 EST therefore your post is invalid
  12. unless it means 11:59 pm
  13. Which I am assuming it is. And there is this lovely thing called an edit button...
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  14. I was told it was at 11:59 am....
  15. Oh well, we shall see.
  16. Lol I'm still laugh at the subtitles after reading this entire thing xD
  17. still a couple more hours to enter
  18. Haha lots of cool builds here, i built one really cool one but my comp crashed and needed fixing and i cant be bothered with rebuilding lol.