[Event/Contest] The Giving Tree - February

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Continuing in the Christmas spirit, it's time for the February Giving Tree contest.

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's time to get your creativity flowing. On EMC, creative mode, a single-player world, or any of your other favorite places to play, build something that you feel represents the concept of Love in some way. Then, post screenshots of your build in this thread by February 16th, 2013.

    Love can be interpreted in many different ways, so be creative and have fun!

    JabrZer0, Sonicol1, and I will be the judges for this contest and will announce a winner later that week.


    -Vanilla only, no mods
    -Texture packs allowed
    -No Maximum or minimum size restrictions
    -Post as many screenshots as you feel is necessary to show off the build (different angles, etc), but one entry per person

    The prizes for this contest are as follows:

    Stack of Mycelium (Donated by Penfoldex)

    Stack of Iron Blocks (Donated by MVPdrose)

    32 Diamonds and Enchanted Diamond Sword
    [Sharpness V, Looting III, Unbreaking III, Knockback II] (Donated by Sonicol1)

    4 Stacks of Bottles o' Enchanting
    6 Instant Health II Potions
    12 Roses
    Enchanted Diamond Armor Set
    [Blast Protection IV, Aqua Affinity, Respiration III, Unbreaking III]
    [Protection IV, Thorns III, Unbreaking III]
    [Projectile Protection IV, Unbreaking III]
    [Fire Protection IV, Feather Falling IV, Unbreaking III]

    Extra donation of 10,000r from Hasorko to the winner :)

    (Misc. prizes paid for in part by runningrhino, 5000r)
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    Youtube gets like 1% of the words correct xD WHY do Youtube even offer a subtitle service...
  3. My fiancé reads the subtitles for all the videos I make too. lol :D
  4. I aint no seneca lun or cancer boring :confused:.

    Go home subtitles, you are drunk
  5. Oh god! It burns my eyes!
  6. I know!
  7. I'm gonna build
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  8. Oh... snap... im so doing this... I need dat armor
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  9. Unforntally, I wasted my time and it didn't work
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  10. Cookie, that art is AMAZING!
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  11. How do you upload a pic? I am WAAAY nooby with that stuffs.
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  12. How to post a picture on the forums:
    1. Take a screenshot with F2
    2. Upload it to an image hosting site like http://imgur.com
    3. Then just post that link here
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  13. I took the screen shot, I cant find it. (Windows)

    Did that above pic worked?
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  14. screenshots are saved in your .minecraft folder in \screenshots

    the path, usually (on windows 7, at least), is c:\users\<your username>\appdata\roaming\.minecraft\screenshots

    from your \screenshots folder you can just drag and drop your screenshot onto imgur.com to upload it. then copy

    this link and paste it in here.

    However, I believe the default windows settings make \AppData\ a hidden folder. If you hold in your windows key (between ctrl and alt on the left side) and press R, then type %appdata% in the run box, it will bring you right to it.

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  15. That's great!
  16. 1 . I HAVE a GREAT idea!

    2. can I just post a pic on this thread?

    EDIT : I'm not good with imagur n stuff
  17. Yes, you can click the upload file button, and navigate to the screenshots folder.
  18. Thanks
  19. bumping this thread so I don't loose it *