[EVENT] Build a Base!

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  1. Host: MoreMoople
    When: Sunday, May 19th at 4:00 PM (EMC time)
    /v build_a_base

    Let's build a base together! Bring your armor, tools, and building supplies. We are going to start a base to revisit for many future events! :D
  2. I love build a base events, I’ll be there.
  3. This sounds so fun. If only I wasn't working. Maybe I will be done by then? I can only hope.
  4. This sounds fun, I'll be there.
  5. Let’s get together and have a few laughs… and build together…

    I would join you all in this opportunity if I could.

    Sounds like a good one! But beware, for those unaware!

    I heard of this crazy frog lady, who likes to set things ablaze. You could be next in that barbecue pit! :eek:
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  6. Sounds like fun, I'll be there!
  7. Had a lot of fun building a giant crafting table (i was gonna fill it with crafting tables but i chose against it)
    Great event 10/10
  8. Thank you all for coming! I had lots of fun, and I think we're off to a pretty great start. :D

    There were so many builds that I couldn't fit all of the pics in one post! View the full album here: https://imgur.com/a/dpNAufq

    The base can be accessed by going to the wild outpost in SMP4 and then doing /v build_a_base. See you there for future events! :)
  9. It's a cool little place! I watched you all on the map, and the choice of biomes is great too! Jungle of any type is probably my favorite; sparse jungle is the least beautiful naturally but easier to build in and still just as lush-colored.
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  10. So much fun Moopies. It was so much fun running around and checking the different builds. =D
    Thank you for hosting. <3
  11. Ah dang.
    I did get my roof done, I will a screenshot next time I visit.

    As for the rest of everyone, they are wonderfully diverse hovels and hotels out there!!
    Very lovely and very simple event.

    Only -1 star for allowing Bosses to spawn in the bamboo forest - that was a sticky bit there.
  12. It was great to build with so many other players around. Thanks for the event.

    Edit: Do I have to wait for the next build event to add to my build there?
  13. Awesome event; thanks so much for coordinating!

    I didn't have much time last night, but at least got a start and finished my footprint this morning and added a nice water feature. Looking forward to adding more!
  14. You don't have to wait! You can work on it whenever you want. :)
  15. Nice hobbit-hole! :+1: Will there be tea?
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  16. Of course! Once it's done, I shall keep it well-stocked with tea and tasty snacks. :D
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  17. That was good fun. I had a tour around the builds when I was finished with mine, people were busy :)
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  18. Thanks for hosting! It'll be fun to finish up my little nook the next time this event rolls around.
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  19. Just started constructing my own little underground hidey-hole. the crafting table will stay lol
    unless i make a second one...