[EVENT] 3 Years of Fendy + 10,000 Forum Posts!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by FDNY21, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. Hey there everyone, it's coming up to my third year on the Empire in about five days I believe and I decided to host something so that we could all celebrate my time with all of you here on EMC! :) Coincidentally, this is also my 10,000th forum post, so I guess we can celebrate that at this event too! :D

    The event will start at 5PM EMC Time (10PM in the UK) on Wednesday the 25th of November, meeting at residence no. 18263.

    The Event
    The actual event will take place at 18200 Museum and 18201 Gardens on SMP9. The event will involve hunting around the museum for signs that each have one letter on. They can be on any floor that is normally accessible (e.g. lobby, outside perimeter, all floors and roof) and could also be anywhere on the garden res.

    The idea is to note down each letter you find, and then try to re-arrange them to make two words that I have chosen and will not be releasing to anyone. Once you have found the two words from the letters, or found a sufficient number of letters to guess the two words (please no random guesses every five seconds, please actually look for the letters and re-arrange logically) then you should private message me with what you think they are and I'll let you know if it is right or not.

    If you are correct, you will win one of three prizes. There are prizes for first, second and third. All of the item prizes are EMC custom items/promotional items with emeralds and/or diamonds, with first place getting better prizes than second and second getting better than third. Screenshots of the prize chests below.

    The residences 18200 and 18201 will be closed at some point within the next few days or so, so that I can put the signs up, and will then open again at 5PM EMC Time on Wednesday the 25th.

    Donations are accepted, if you do wish to donate, please PM me on forums or in-game with what you would like to give or the amount of rupees that you would like to donate and I will talk to you from there. Thanks all!

    I hope that you can all attend and that you can all enjoy the event and celebrate my third year on EMC with me, and good luck to you all who attempt to win the event!
  2. Interesting! I will try to attend :)
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  3. Ill try to come, can't make any promises though :)
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  4. Nice! :D
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  5. Awesome! I hope I don't leave for my thanksgiving trip on Wednesday, so I can attend.
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  6. Congrats on reaching 3 yrs on the Empire, I remember you were one of the first to welcome me when I joined :)
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  7. It would be nice to see you there!
    Ah yes, Thanksgiving... Hopefully this doesn't clash with many Thanksgiving trips >_> Didn't think about it because it's not celebrated here...
    Thanks weeh, I remember playing with you and Gadget_AD at your wood farm that time! Old memories eh! :D
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  8. I can confirm that Wednesday the 25th will be the date of my third year, and hence the event shall take place on that day! Can all of you make the times? :D
  9. Nice, I would love to come, I will try my best to come. 10,000th Post :D
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  10. Happy 3 year and 10k posts fendy! Sadly it's too late for me, gotta start doing work at 9pm :(
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  11. I'll try my diddly darn best to bet there =P
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  12. Thanks, hope to see you there!
    That's a shame, sorry about that :( Trying to get the best time for everyone but one that also works for me :p Thanks though, Builder!
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  13. My roommate goes to meetings for these type of things ;-) Happy 3 year, 10,000.

    To get to 10,000 posts once I have been here for 3 years I would have to maintain my current post rate +4 posts pretty much every day until that time... I feel like I am here a lot then we have fendy to tell us it is ok.
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  14. Thanks Gawa! I thought I'd go for a different kind of idea, hopefully I don't make too many people rage... :rolleyes:
  15. Sadly 11 pm at a school day for me. But I can maybe go in and just say congratz. But if I cant. Congratz now! :)
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  16. I might just be able to make it! Thanks for running this, and HUGE congrats to you for both big accomplishments! :)
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  17. I sadly cannot attend... if it were 2-3 hours earlier (2pm-3pm EMC time) then i would be able to... just guess its life though ;-; EDIT: Congratz on 3 years though
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  18. Of those 10,000 posts, how many are just "bumps" for your car thread? ;)
    Congrats on sticking around this long, Fendy!
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  19. Big thanks to both of you! :D
    Thanks Pink, I tried to make it work for both the Americans and us in the UK as well. Seeing as how I'm hosting it and I live in the UK :p
    Hey, I'm not that bad ;) Thanks Keph!
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