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  1. *For mature(ish) people only

    I am not saying that this is true for everybody, it is just a joke. Do not freak out and start bashing me with your bedroom pirate ship. If you do not have a bedroom pirate ship, you should get one. They are cool. Sort of like Transformers: Age of Extinction. Fricking Dinosaurs AND Robots COMBINED?? HOW COOL IS THAT!??!

    *I did not make this.
  2. Literally the hardest I've laughed in a long while.
  3. I feel I'm standing there with Mr. Stripeyshirt "Misunderstanding" Guy. ;^; We're fighting the good fight brother!

    Also this is pretty accurate. Lol
  4. This was ridiculously funny. XD
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  5. No one on any EMC forum has been unreasonable or called Mojang names even though many have been worried these changes will hurt the minecraft community in general and EMC in particular. The thought of mojang possibly causing this server to die from lack of funding makes me sad. I really don't think its funny.
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  6. This is not to make fun of the people on EMC, it is to make fun of all the people hating on mojang to a rediculous extent. If you listen, there is actually some guy in the background who is mature, which represents the minority in this case.

    I thought it was funny.
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  7. Making fun of EA isn't cool anymore, its all about making fun of Ubisoft now.
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  8. Maybe people are "hating" on mojang because it feels like Mojang is "griefing" their communities. I'm sure it is giving server owners and the people who love certain servers the feeling that Mojang is destroying their communities. While their feelings maybe expressed in immature ways, I think they are justified in being upset. I don't think Mojang deserves to be supported for what they are doing.
  9. Aw, I'm not mature(ish) :(
  10. Middle ground is all I'm asking for :( To base rules off facts and not opinions...
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  11. Even tho the video is absolutely hilarious, I still have doubts if Mojang really wants the 'good' for server communities & owners. They pretty much have ignored servers / multiplayers really hard in almost anything they did.
    Why would they turn out to be caring a lot now, just when they released Realms a little while a go?

    No, for me Mojang is still the evil guy. Unless Mojang proves to be a good guy, my opinion on Mojang stands.
  12. Can someone explain how Mojang plans to enforce this? They don't host the servers and I doubt server hosts would listen if told to shut down servers as hosting is how they make money.
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  13. Ok well hmm not much to say, maybe its just not my humour but I didn't think it wasn't the least bit funny.

    As to EULA and change ppl in general don't like change on this scale, especially when they have no choice and the out come or future is uncertain in addition to that when they have made a huge investment and then told you can't do that no more.

    The biggest loser in this will be the players over all if the servers are unable to get the funding needed to keep going and that really is not funny.
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  14. I found this pretty funny, which is why I shared it. A lot of heated discussions should cool down with a laugh or two.
    I wanna feel special
    I wanna feel dangerous
    I wanna feel BEAUTIFUL!
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  15. hmm may be I should shout a lot of rubbish in my videos it might increase my video views from half a million to half a billion :p
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  16. Well if I understand it correctly, since players have to login to Mojang before going onto multi-players servers, Mojang can block players from accessing any particular multi-player server they want to block.
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  17. So its pretty much like buying a car, then selling that car a few years later, and having the car company swoop in on a latter made of money and saying "Nope, you can't buy that because you aren't paying us for the car."

    So what, did Mojang finally realize no one was buying their other games that they seem to make every six months and now are trying to maximize profits from the one game that keeps them afloat? Congratulations Mojang, you're on your way to joining EA and Unisoft in the realm of "FECK YOU GAMERS" business models.
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  18. The video to me, made fun of those who aren't even making sense/are just raging without facts kind of thing. Not the people who are making legitimate reasons. It's making fun of the childish people who want to send them tweets about how they are killing Minecraft because they kick puppies and stupid Xbox insults like "I BANGED YOUR MOM!" kinda junk. I feel bad for everyone because basically, thanks to them hiring an asshat for plugin stuff who voiced his opinion, people assumed it was all of Mojang and started a flame war at every employee, saying things that are pretty immature and stupid, they've managed to change some of their minds. It also makes fun of the fact Mojang seems like the kid saying "I DON'T CARE I'M NOT LISTENING!" It's not making fun of servers being shut down or anything like that.

    There are those who seem like they're not concerned, but they are concerned just the same, just not flipping tables and being immature like this is making fun of.

    I feel like I rambled. I'ma just...leave this here and hope ya'll understand it.
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