Ethan Rekt Us.

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  1. UPDATED May 5th, 2016

    So I've been a member of Empire Minecraft for over half a year now, and this thread is about that old so I thought I would update it upon my return to EMC.

    I am Ethan, couldn't tell by the title could ya? Anyway, Digital Art is my passion and I absolutely love it. That's how I made my money on EMC before Cory got our IP banned over something with items. Oh, and by the way for the people who do not know me, CoryLovesYou (CoryAmour/iRupees) is my older brother. :p

    I'll be coming back with Cory to EMC, and I'll be more in-game than I used to be. I've lost most of my old friends due to me being gone so long, but I'm hoping to find new ones!

    2016 GOALS
    - Complete 200 Orders on my Graphics Service
    - 5,000,000 Rupees
    - Create an Official EMC Graphic
    - Start updating "Ethan's Diary" again
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  2. Awesome! Nice to officially meet you. *First*
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  3. Hey there, Erektus! :D Nice to meet you. Interesting to find out the origin of your name, as I never would've realized it was "E rekt us" until seeing the title of the thread. :)
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  4. A lot of people just think it's Erektus or some vulgar word as a joke. :D
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  5. I always was one of those figured it was just a cool sounding, made-up word, sort of like Elysphic or Eclipsys... though now I question those as well. :p
  6. It sounds cool too :p
  7. Welcome to EMC! It would have taken me more than a million years to figure out what your username meant :p I like it though
  8. How you gonna reach 5 Mil when you buy all those Gold vouchers! Good luck with your goals :)
  9. I use real $ for the vouchers.
  10. O I forgot people do that lmao, I Always use rupees
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  11. Welcome to EMC!
    Dang, 1 mil in 14 days? I guess your 5 mil goal won't be that hard :p
  12. And then I blew it all on promos :p
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  13. My record is 6 :p

    What kinds of Music and Movies do you like?
  14. Mostly any music, besides country and heavy metal.

    And I love horror/mystery/action.
  15. Better than me. I blew all my money on wool :p
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  16. Actually my first thought was more along the lines of this:

    I won't deny having a filthy mind, but your name makes me think of constructing things. Very fitting for Minecraft ;)
  17. I thought it was a history thing.
    (Homo Erectus- but Erektus)
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  18. Seriously? >.>
    The average minecraft audience age really has gone down. =P Or at least maturity…

    Anyways, I thought you were Nccoryg, having never met you in game.
  19. Well to be fair it can't possibly be hard to get that many rupees if you just spend real money to get them, so it really wouldn't matter how long you've been here if you buy them with real money anyway.

    I suppose it is a bold move to spend that kind of money after just joining a server - and I wish you the best on your EMC adventures, welcome and have fun!
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