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  1. Table of Contents
    Post 1 : Introducing Cliffside
    Post 2 : Cliffside Judicial Post
    Post 3 : Claim Expansions and Developments
    Post 4 : Current News
    Post 5 : Citizens of Cliffside

    Introducing Cliffside

    Hello Everyone!

    I have built an outpost city in the Eastern Frontier of SMP9. The Grand Opening Ceremony was on Sunday, November 14th 2014. Anyone can become a resident, but remember that our policy is to live in an apartment for at least 4 days before buying a residence in town. This is just a way to make sure you like Cliffside before you invest too much time and energy (and rupees).

    Our town has a myriad of great features, including but not limited to : Free Food, 3 Greenhouses, Wheat Farm, Public Stables, Cobblestone Generator, 4 Tree Farms (acacia not included), Public Enchantment Tables, and much more (especially for permanent residents).

    The town is located on a cliff face, and a massive wall runs along the entire edge of town until it reaches this cliff edge. Inside the wall it is almost entirely lit up and so is 95% hostile mob free. Guard Captain Wicked_Deathbat as well as Hitagain, Twinkett and I are working on getting town 100% hostile mob free as well as a lot of other great projects.

    For EMC's sake, here is the requirements list and how i meet the requirements:

    1. Our base is further than 5000 blocks from any EMC Frontier Outpost by a long shot with
    Coordinates X: 21663 Z: -9886
    2. We have a building code and an organized city as well as laws
    3. A lock chest with the names GeistKitsune, Twinkett, Wicked_Deathbat exists as you leave
    the Nether Rail Tunnel and you are in front of the Administrative Building.
    4. We are less than 3000 blocks from Traynfreek's outpost of Terrione, but he has given writen
    consent about me opening my Outpost here ^_^
    Absolutely! The more neighbors the merrier! Are you considering a nether rail? - Traynfreek

    And yes, Cliffside does have a railway. Take either the Terra rail or the Maximus rail in the wild east nether station. Transfer to the Cliffside rail when you get to Terra/Maximus and it will take you straight to us. Expect approximately a 7-8 minute journey.

    Also, you can check out Wicked_Deathbat's video about Cliffside if you want to see our town up close and personal before you make your way out here. It can be found at www.youtube.com/justwg

    Special thanks to Wicked_Deathbat, Twinkett and Hitagain! I couldn't have done it without you.

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  2. Cliffside's Judicial Post

    For the sake of my townspeople I wanted to write out the Laws in the forums, since reading them off of signs in town can be a little difficult. So here we go;

    EMC Laws

    1. Stealing and/or Griefing will get you banned
    *Shearing/killing mooshrooms in town is griefing!
    2. No Harvesting in the Wild
    *You can, however, mine in the Cliffside Public Mine

    Cliffside Laws

    1. New Residents need Approval
    *Do not claim an apartment/suite/house without permission from a Lord
    2. Follow the Construction Code and House Code

    3. Do not Exceed the Free Food Limit (16 pieces of each food item per 24 hrs)

    4. Replant Crops/Trees that you Harvest

    Cliffside Construction Code

    1. You Must Use at Least 1 of the following Materials when Building:
    Dark Oak, Pine, Stonebrick
    2. You Can Only Use 2 or Less of the following Materials when Buiding:
    Birch, Oak, Colored Clay, Cobblestone, Quartz and Nether Brick
    3. Building Height Max of about 30 Blocks
    *do not exceed the height of the city Silo

    In General : Try to only use blocks you see around Cliffside ;)

    Cliffside House Code

    1. Max of 3 Animals/Pets on a 16x16 area.
    2. No Personal Farms and Please Limit Redstone
    3. Light Up Residence

    Desert Hunting Lodge Guidelines

    Guideline #1. Try to keep the Frontier looking as nice as possible, despite creepers and such.
    Guideline #2. No spawning anything (this means via spawn egg or construction)
    Guideline #3. Be considerate of others that are fighting mobs, and don't take their drops, exp, or fun away from them ^_^
    Guideline #4. If you somehow cause damage to the Hunting Lodge, please repair it as quickly as possible. Make it as neat as possible please.
    Guideline #5. Stay within the Desert Biome for mob hunting. Land outside that could be owned.

    Derelict Policy and Apartment Policy

    1. Apartments are for temporary living space until you have a house in town.
    *Once you have an official home in Cliffside set up you may be asked to move your belongings out of the apartment to free it up for new residents.
    2. Suites are for permanent living space to replace having a house in town.
    *You will never be asked to move out of a suite, but you can choose to move out if you want to.
    3. If your status becomes Derelict Status at any time, I hold the right to remove/sell/modify your plot or apartment and hold onto your belongings in safe storage.
    *Items held in safe storage will be added to Town Materials if not claimed within 30 days.

    If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about the laws posted here, feel free talk to me about it. Certain exceptions can be made regarding the construction code, but it must be approved by GeistKitsune first.
    Thanks so much!
  3. Claim Expansions and Developments

    Claim Expansion #1 : SW Desert Biome adjacent to Cliffside (Cliffside Claim Expansion.png)
    Purpose : Mob hunting for Cliffside citizens as well as for hosted Cliffside Mob Raids where we can fight mobs as a group. Construction is NOT allowed in this area except mayor approved builds to aid with mob fighting.
    Currently : A Desert Hunting Lodge is in place that can be traveled to via rail from Cliffside. Guidelines for using this facility are listed in the Cliffside Judicial Post. As of Dec 29th 2014, there are now 3 Lodges and 3 Rest Stops in the desert on the outskirts. The center has been left undeveloped for mob fighting (Cliffside Desert Claim Update.png). A rail will be soon added to link the 3 Lodges to each other.

    Development #1 : Cliffside Nether Rail Station/Nether Fortress (Cliffside Nether Claim.png)
    Purpose : Nether Station and Mob hunting area (please don't change anything).
    Currently : The nether rail station is finished, and capable of having new rails added to it. The Cliffside M.F.P. (Mob Fighting Platform) is mostly finished and has saftey walls along two edges. The platform mostly spawns Ghast, Pigmen and Nether Hounds. There is also an enclosed Blaze spawner. It is a large platform that can be seen on live map (CliffsideMFP.png). More developments coming soon.

    Claim Expansion #2 : North Cliffside (Current Claim Update.png)
    Purpose : Housing and attractions to improve the life of the citizens of Cliffside
    Currently : I am officially beginning to develop the North Cliffside area that was listed when we first made our town (see post #1 in this thread). Cliffside will be considered to have two districts now [north, south]. A subway has already been created to link them, as well as a nice road for horse riding and walking. Hopefully we can have this area developed in less than a month. Twinkett is now developing an oupost of her own next to us. This will allow for even more housing, as well as a new construction theme that will be rather fun for everyone.

    Development #2 : Cliffside's nether rail has improved! First, the main station area that links to all the nearby outposts has been slightly modified. It is more spacious and slightly reorganized. Also, the rail to Farcity has been made into two one-way tracks for easier shipments and travel. The other huge feature is the new direct line to Spawn! You no longer have to go to through another town to get to Cliffside! It ends at spawn right next to Hitagain's rail to Terra. (Pics coming soon)

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  4. Cliffside Current News

    Notice #1 : I will be making the blaze spawner at the Cliffside N.M.P. into an exp farm style ;)

    Notice #2 : The new government is in place! N.E.C.O. will govern Cliffside, Farcity, Brimstone and any other cities that we create. The ruling body is now the Triumvirate consisting of the founders GeistKitsune, Twinkett and Wicked_Deathbat. Each city will have 3 Lords. Look at the post for more details.

    Image 1 : Christmas 2014 (cutie_craft_'s leap)
    Image 2 : Remembering 2014 and Entering a New Year
    Image 3 : Delayed Tree Removal from Christmas Finally Finished
    Image 4 : A new Development - Cliffside's Nether M.F.P.

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  5. The Citizens of Cliffside

    Founder(s) :GeistKitsune and Twinkett

    Co-Founder(s) : Wicked_Deathbat and Hitagain

    Cliffside Lords :

    Lord of Development : GeistKitsune
    *Comes up with ways to improve/expand the city.
    *Does maintenance on the city as needed.
    Lord of Relations : herocrafter2912
    *Listens to what people have to say about town.
    *Listens to what other cities, governments and lords are saying.
    *Be the voice of all these people as best you can.
    Lord of Defense : MDMyers2000
    *Makes sure laws are followed
    *Makes sure hostile mobs and players are dealt with
    *Lights up the town keeping it safe.

    Cliffside Population : 19

    Cliffside Citizens List :


    *Bold Names are players that have been inactive for more than 30 days
    *Slash Names are players that have been inactive for more than 60 days and/or left Cliffside
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  6. Glad to have a neighbor! :)
  7. I'm glad to have a nice neighbor ;)

    I hope you all are enjoying the holidays, and thank you to everyone on EMC for being awesome!
  8. Established, but a few notes
    • You may not claim Nether land
    • Claimed land does not apply to what you select, but instead what's developed. Meaning that the 'reserve' and any undeveloped land in the yellow boundary is not yet claimed.
  9. Thanks Alex! I'll be sure to edit the map for my claim to fit these. ;)
  10. Thanks! I have altered the post about the claim in the nether.
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  11. Hey, GK! I was wondering if I could be the Head of Communication. Please get back to me soon!
  12. Yes you can ^_^. I think you would be great at it!
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  13. Thanks! I will be sure to stay in touch with citizens of Cliffside and you!
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  14. A general message to all Cliffside Citizens and High Council Members, don't forget to check out the first few posts every now and again (especially post #4. The News Post). Recently I have decided that some changes need to be made to the High Council (like for example: I would prefer if we changed the name to Cliffside Council just for sake of clarity and future developments). Also I wanted to apologize for my absence in town the last week or two. Since I was given the gift of Gold from a certain Co-Founder I have had to spend a lot of time moving my shop and creating a permanent mall on 19398 (as you can see in my banner :p). That's all I have to say for now, I hope everyone has a great day ;)!
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  15. Hello! This seems really cool! Although I haven't seen it yet, I noticed that herocrafter2912 is the Head Of Communication. Is that the only communication position, or can I also have a job like his?
  16. The council is being restructured at the moment, Galantisizer. As of right now all of the positions are filled but I am going to be suggesting an option like this : Each Cliffside Council member has the right to nominate another person on EMC as a co-worker. If that person accepts then they are like the assistant of that Council member. Also, if that Council member decides to step down and leave the council, then the assistant is the first in line to be allowed to completely take over that role. ;)
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  17. Okay, thank you. I'll have to come and check it out soon!
  18. geist you have told me early today to propose here if i would like a new position. well i have made my decision if you dont mind i would like to be the GUARD CAPTAIN. please contact me in game or here on the forums for your answer. Thanks.
  19. Interesting that you should bring this up. Wicked has been talking about stepping down and changing his focus on things. I will keep you posted on whether or not the spot opens. If Wicked does not step down, then the position will remain filled.
    (On a side note, in the future we may hold democratic elections for council positions)
  20. Geist, I'll be making the new thread for Albion today... (I think) I'll leave a link in this post. (Edit)
    I think that it will be easier for you to read it rather than me telling you all the highlights about it. :)