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  1. I'm on 1366x768
  2. Well, then... the other screenshots were at 1280x1024 until Sunday.
  3. Bigtime upgrades to Farmland. First things first...

    As you can tell, this is the central area for the newly-christened Storage Vault. It, of course, will be connected to the Storage Facility above ground.

    The completed West Wing of the Vault (the East & South Wings are set up the same).

    All that's left for the Vault is to install the redstone & hopper wiring (and connect it to the Facility) and it'll be complete.

    Speaking of the Facility, a couple of updates on it.

    As you can see, I put in a couple of lanterns on chains for lighting on the 'ground floor' of the Facility's entrance.

    And, partly due to me running out of space in the Farming Tower's attached chests, I went ahead and put up the first section of the Silos. Since taking this photo, I set up each individual chest column with its own item via an auto-sorter and have already connected both the Farming Tower & the Iron Farm to the Silo.

    Recently, I got it in my head on getting a Slaughterhouse made for getting some of the Cooked food.

    Shown here are the four main parts of the Slaughterhouse (I also put in Mushroom Stew & Milk Bucket stations near the front entrance of the Slaughterhouse) and a Double Furnace system (the furnaces are underneath the hoppers below the top DC). The chickens are the only ones that I don't need to feed to get a baby chicken, since there's hoppers underneath the carpet that takes their eggs and runs them into the 'kill' chamber for hatching & a quick lava bath.

    On the Cow, Sheep & Pig sections, I added item frames showing what the animal can eat for breeding on the glass & an item frame by the chest with what Cooked food item you can get from it (also added an item frame to the chicken section with a Cooked Chicken in it).

    My next 'mini-project' is an Oak Tree farm sitting on top of a miniaturized auto-sorting storage system. More details (and photos of it) to come at a later date. Said mini-project (along with a planned Witch Farm & attached Shulker Box Loader on said farm (and a Shulker Box Unloader attached to the underground hopper line that's connecting the Farming Tower & the Iron Farm to the Storage Silo)) is the last stop in me getting the Vault & Facility fully operational.
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  4. Big update to Farmland.

    I know it doesn't look like much, but within the column of stone bricks lie an item dropper elevator powered by nearly 80 observers and a little bit of redstone dust at the bottom (more like underneath the column).

    Next up is the Industrial Furnace system that I built.

    The first image is the structure I built to house the entire system. The second image is the input/output room. The minecart chest on the left is for items to be smelted and the one on the right is for fuel. The large chest by the redstone lamps is where the smelted items end up. And lastly, the trap door leads underground to the mechanical room, where I can go and do repairs if needed.

    The third image is the dual dropper elevator that takes the smelted items and sends them up to the large chest in the input/output room. The fourth image is a small sample of the 128 furnaces that I have set up in the mechanical room. And the last 2 images showcase my way of getting into one end of the furnace line, the other way being on the other side of the dropper elevator.

    Next up is the fueling station for the Industrial Furnace, aka the Kelp Farm.

    The first image is how the Kelp farm looks on the outside. The next one is an aerial view, via scaffolding, of the farm itself. Two sides, each with 90 kelp plants spread out among 6 layers. The final image is a dual smoker system to quickly process the kelp. The top chest takes in the kelp. The chests on either side is for the fuel. And the two chests below the smokers is where I pick up the dried kelp (the second chest is in the ground).

    And, as mentioned in my previous post, here's the Oak Tree farm. The first image is an exterior view from the bottom of the stairs. After that is the inner area where the tree go (with a line of hoppers & flowing water to catch the drops and send them below). The third one is where I collect the drops from the tree and the last one is the mechanical room for the farm.

    As a bonus (and constructed earlier), my melon/pumpkin farm. I got 20 each of pumpkins & melons plants in there, with observers & pistons in the top section to break the blocks and a hopper minecart below the farm to collect the drops and send them into the storage silo.

    Hope you guys liked the showcase. Haven't decided on what to build next, though I do have plans to go to the closest ocean & build a mob farm over the water (and, of course, add a shulker box loader to it), along with building the previously mentioned Witch Farm and possibly an 'overworld' Gold/XP farm.
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  5. For the next build, I went with something very simple, a Membrane farm (as seen in the video below). With its drops, I'll be able to make Slow-Falling potions & be able to repair Elytra... or sell them to shops for others to buy.

    I also started construction on the Witch Farm and should have it finished over the weekend, along with possibly installing the redstone/hopper wiring in the Storage Vault.

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  6. Though there's no photos of it, the Witch Farm has been completed (the build is from the first video below).

    Right now, I'm over on Single-Player testing out an idea I got for the upcoming mob farm (build based on the one in the second video below), along with seeing how well an automatic potion lab would work on 1.16.4 (lab build based on the third video below).

    If I'm satisfied with how they turn out in single-player, I'll be building them up on the server (the potion lab more than likely will be near the Storage Facility, and just a short minecart ride away from the Witch Farm).

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  7. Well, I am greatly satisfied with how the Mob Farm turned out (tested it on a world where I had also built a Gold/XP Farm, along with a Shulker Box Loader & Unloader), so that'll get added to Farmland (will have to find an appropriate spot to build it).

    Started work on the Auto Potion Station to see how well it works (finished the Selector Panel shortly before this post and dreading the Potion Coding part that's next :D ). I'm kinda dreading building this on the server, but also looking forward to it... if that makes any sense.
  8. Finished putting in the hardware for the mechanics behind the Selector Panel (including the potion ingredients) and gave it a test. Worked beautifully when tested, I might add (tested it with the Potion of Poison & Potion of the Turtle Master). All that's left is to put in the Nether Wart/extra storage room, with access to the mechanics behind the panel & decide how I want it to look on the outside and... to put it bluntly, build it on the server, for all to use.
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  9. Got it all figured out in my head now. Started to clear out the space for the potion station itself and will probably clear out more space for the building itself. While at work, I got the idea of using Item Frames & Signs for those who are fairly new to the art of potion-making (and those veterans who could use a refresher), so I'll have at least a wall or two dedicated to the potion recipes.
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  10. And while I'm working on digging out the space for putting in the hardware for the potion lab, I've also decided to take a couple of empty shulker boxes, my diamond voter's pick, my silk touch netherite pick, some food & of course armor & weapons, along with a couple of buckets of water, and go mine some obsidian for my upcoming Gold/XP farm (as seen in the video below; yes this was tested in single-player and it works) and some Ice (for use in the Lab after its conversion into Blue Ice). The gold, I'll mainly used to make the powered rails & the two potion ingredients that 'require' gold (glistening melons & golden carrots). XP will be used to rename a few stacks of items for the sorting system on the Storage Facility & the underground Storage Vault.

    Soon as I'm done getting the obsidian (hit a BIG lava lake, so clearing it out), I'll be back at the outpost and getting ready to build the aforementioned farm.

  11. While I was getting ready for the Gold/XP farm mentioned in my previous post, I took a few minutes out of my time today to build a Wood Farm (based on the farm seen in the video below) to quickly acquire the chests that I still needed for the Storage Facility (btw, finally getting around to putting in another wall of chests, this time, for the Witch Farm & the upcoming Mob Grinder farm mentioned in my May 23rd post).

    The only downside to the Wood Farm is the 'need' for bonemeal. But, with me gearing up for the Mob Grinder farm, I'll be set on the aforementioned item (and, hopefully get drops from Slimes & Witches, since I plan to build it in the Swamp biome where I got the Witch Farm at).

    P.S. If anyone would like to join me at my outpost, feel free to send me a PM by clicking on the following link.

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  12. Cleared out some space in the swamp where I have my Witch Farm built and got my Mob Grinder farm up & running. Let's take a look, shall we?

    A view from the top of the Witch Farm. 10 layers, with a Water Dispenser system to flush the mobs into the killbox. The tall structure on the left is the Water Elevators going to & from the AFK platform.

    Ground level of the Elevator. The door on the left is powered by a Magma Block, while the door on the right is powered by a piece of Soul Sand. After I took this photo, I put in some scaffolding to make a platform to the switch that controls the farm.

    Short & simple collection system. Hidden behind the upside-down stairs is 25 Soul Campfires. Later on, I plan to put in the Shulker Box Loader for easier transport to the Storage Facility (that reminds me, need to put a Loader on the Witch Farm too).

    These three pics is the 'control room' for the Farm. Picture number 1 is just the bridge from the scaffolding to the farm roof.

    Number 2 is the switch itself, with the comparator switched on. And the final pic is a side view of the control mechanism. 1 comparator, 3 redstone dust, a lever, a dispenser (which sends the on/off signal to the other dispensers via observers) and 26 repeaters (all repeaters are on 4 ticks).

    Hope you guys liked this. More where that came from coming up in future updates.
  13. sorry, side question: what mod is that minimap?
  14. VoxelMap. You'll need Fabric to run it.

    In other news, between me building the Wood Farm and the Mob Grinder, I went out and scouted potential areas to expand Farmland into. Suffice to say that I got 2 of the three claims approved. One of the claims has a Pillager Outpost about 500 blocks from the center and the other claim center is just about on top of an Ocean Monument.

    So, if anyone has been wanting to build a farm at either one of those structures, let me know via in-game PM or right here in the thread and I'll point you in the right direction.
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  15. I think I lost my mind. Talking in the game about a mega iron farm got me to look it up on YouTube. And, of course, the duo known as Shulkercraft actually did a video on a mega iron farm that would net 12k ingots per hour, complete with a world download (video down below). So, I'm gonna go check it out and get a list of the items needed for such a daunting task. And, once I get that handled (and the list of items needed), I'll go and look for a spot to build it in and get to work on it (gonna be a doozy, I tell ya).

    UPDATE: Compiled a list of materials needed just for the farm itself and not the storage system. I knew it was gonna be a doozy....

    7236 glass (113 stacks and 4 blocks)
    2935 building block (45 stacks and 55 blocks)
    782 water
    551 fence (8 stacks and 39 blocks)
    532 fence gate (8 stacks and 20 blocks)
    311 blue ice (4 stacks and 55 blocks)
    224 chain (3 stacks and 32 blocks)
    192 bed
    73 wall (can be any wall) (1 stack and 9 blocks)
    72 oak sign (1 stack and 8 blocks)
    52 hopper
    52 white carpet
    39 sea lantern
    26 lava
    6 slab

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  16. After giving it some thought, I decided to change the Gold/XP Farm that I was going to build to the one in the video below. It's a simple build and I tested it out in single-player. Soon as I put in the collection system, I'll get the farm part built up and I'll be ready to go.

    Besides, need something to do to get myself mentally prepared for the upcoming task of the Mega Iron farm (did get a tunnel made in the Nether for quicker travel to the build site from the initial Farmland nether portal; did have to cut into the room I used for the nether-based gold/xp farm, which will be obsolete once I get the above mentioned gold/xp farm built)

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  17. While I was clearing out some space for the home of the Mega Iron Farm, I found a perfect spot to set up an Automatic Fish Farm, designed by Shulkercraft (video down below). Getting that built up will not only help me on keeping my food supply stocked up, but it'll help me stock up on Pufferfish for potions.

    Also, while clearing the space out for the Iron Farm, I started work on a manual Wool Farm, with a close-by Desert Pyramid converted into a mini-storage unit for said Wool and the Iron Farm (in fact, the Wool Farm's in front of the Pyramid while the Iron Farm will be behind it). The wool obtained from the from will be used in the construction of the auto-potion lab.

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