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  1. Hey there. I'm wanting to establish an Outpost on SMP3. The locked chest I have set up is at least 5k blocks away from the closest EMC Outpost.
  2. current location denied due to proximity to player builds. will you try to move out farther and try again or would you like this claim closed?
  3. I'll have to check out the live map to see about a good site or two for it. Will I need to reply on this thread when I find a site?

    Update: found what could be a better spot. There's some npc villages nearby the spot (was thinking of incorporating at least one or two of them into the Outpost, if that was allowed).
  4. yes or pm my inbox
  5. established
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  6. Thanks for the thumbs up.
  7. Well, construction is underway on the Farmland outpost.

    Though the construction is small right now, I have plans for building a woodland mansion (for my house) and building an inland ocean monument for storage (may build it out of the various forms of lantern, cobblestone and oak materials instead of sea lantern and prismarine)
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  8. Well, after taking a break from working on Farmland (decided to work on my res for a bit), I'm back to work on Farmland.

    Constructed a Polished Granite hut, covering the hole leading down into my underground base, for better outside access.

    And, after watching more Minecraft videos by Shulkercraft (along with kmond), I'll be getting the Super Smelter (and possibly his honey farm) built and kmond's auto-dried kelp farm built up at Farmland.
  9. A lot of terraforming needs to be done in order to construct a Woodland Mansion (along with the massive amounts of supplies needed for the construction).

    Good thing I got access to Cuwwa's YouTube channel for his Woodland Mansion build walkthrough (along with the likes of the Ocean Monument, Jungle Temple, Desert Pyramid and End City).

    I may do something else with the Ocean Monument and build a storage system similar to the one that Mumbo Jumbo showed off on one of his HermitCraft Season 7 episodes.
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  10. I actually came up with this particular idea while at work today.

    After building the Woodland Mansion in Cuwwa's YouTube videos (and kmond's dried kelp farm), I'll build a 'safehouse' for players to rest up while looking for a place to set up a settlement of their own, complete with an Ender Chest.

    I'll possibly will have to do some more terraforming for it, but I believe that it'll be worth it.
  11. I decided to 'install' the dried kelp farm underground, in one of the small ravines near my underground base.

    That, and I also got a Stone Brick corridor leading from my Nether Portal to right outside the granite structure over the underground base (and also got the Super Smelter built as well).

    Time to finish flattening the area for the Woodland Mansion build and get to work on the aforementioned build (along with a few farms and the safehouse I mentioned in the previous post).
  12. A small delay in the construction of the Woodland Mansion. During one of the in-game storms, I was reminded of the fact that lightning can set things on fire.

    So, to solve that problem, I'm building a glass platform, with a 3 block wide cobblestone walkway surrounding it and a small workshop (with 2 water elevators to get anyone from the ground up to the platform, and vice versa) off to the side. Even put up a Dark Oak Fence on the platform perimeter to prevent falling.
  13. Took me a little bit of time, but got everything ready to get started on my Woodland Mansion project. Here's how thing are looking near the center of Farmland.

    The front wall of the Woodland Mansion

    The Bubble Elevator & Glass Platform (also the future home of the 'Stone' variant of the Ocean Monument). Also featured here is the Granite hut that leads to my underground base and the Stone Brick corridor leading to the Nether Portal.

    The Glass Platform (by itself). The four 'dots' that are separate from the snowpile mark the outer edges of where I plan to build the previously mentioned 'Stone variant' Ocean Monument.

    Lots of work to be done still, but it's coming along nicely.
  14. No new photos on the progress of my Mansion build (though I have started work on the 2nd floor), but I have come across a YT playlist on how to build the new village buildings. So, with that being said, after I get the shell of the 'Stone variant' Ocean Monument built, I'll be setting up some walls in preparation of me building the aforementioned buildings (along with the 'basic' buildings like the Church and the 'large' L-shaped house)... though it might get delayed if I decide to build the Desert Pyramid for my Beacon platform (will be in the center of the outpost when it goes up).

    Which, on that note, a thank you to QuantumBeane for gifting me a Nether Star some time ago for finding her Shulker Box of Nether Rack. It'll be put to good use (especially after I get enough iron, diamonds & emeralds to make the platforms for the Beacon effects).
  15. In an effort to improve the look of the 'core' section of my outpost, I took some time (and some cobblestone) to construct a new Workshop to replace the granite building that was housing my Super Smelter. And this is what I came up with... a modified version of the Jungle Temple.

    A look at it, after I finished its construction.

    A view from above, via the Glass Platform

    At this time, I have moved the Super Smelter into the basement portion of the Workshop (still have room for another 16-furnace Super Smelter) and taken down the former granite workshop. May decide to use the polished granite (along with my supply of Andesite, Diorite and their respective polished forms) to build the Beacon Pyramid (which, on that note, gonna use just iron blocks for the Beacon base).
  16. Haven't had much time to post on here (dealing with real life kinda killed my postings for a bit), but I'm back and just started work on a third floor for my Woodland Mansion build before putting in the roof and the small 'cabin' on top.

    Haven't decided on if I should put in a basement or not for it. Probably make my decision on that once I finish putting up the outer walls of the Mansion
  17. Looking good! Can't wait to tour the outpost when you're finished. :)
  18. you're more than welcome to swing by and see what's going on so far.

    Anyways, a progress report on the core of my outpost.

    As you can tell, this view's from my Glass Platform that's over my Woodland Mansion build. Off in the distance is a Desert Pyramid, with Polished Granite used (and Polished Diorite) instead of Sandstone. At the top, is a platform of 9 Iron Blocks, with a Beacon capping it off. Said Beacon marks the center of Farmland.

    A little bit closer, is an unfinished Nether Brick road. That style of road will be how one will get around Farmland (do plan to install a rail system later on down the road). And, the framework of Polished Diorite next to the road will be a 'safehouse' for players who use Farmland as a rest stop. Said safehouse will have beds and Ender Chests, along with a 'dining room' where I'll have chests of food for replenishing one's food bar.

    As you can see, I'm still hard at work on the Woodland Mansion build. I'm putting in a third floor (as evident by the cobblestone framework on top of the build).

    Off to the side, the Dark Oak/Cobblestone square marks where I'll be putting in the pipeline that'll connect my storage facility to the farms I'll be later adding.
  19. No photos to showcase, but I did get an idea for a smelter array and an automated potion lab. So, once I check to see how to construct them, I'll be adding them onto Farmland. I'll also put in some storage silos for wheat, potatoes, carrots, melons & pumpkins... for extra storage (thank you YouTube user wattles for the silo idea, among other things).
  20. Thanks to running across videos on modular auto-sorting storage systems, I now have a good idea on how to make the improvements to the storage facility. Gonna run it through Creative Mode first for testing before adding it to the outpost.