[Established] Farmland

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  1. Did a bit of calculations on how much space my planned Mega Iron Farm would take up. I'm looking at an 85x74 space to work with... and that's just the base. I haven't figured out yet how much space I'll need to sort the iron ingots from the poppies and drop said poppies into a Composter for bone meal.
  2. Scratch finding 2... I got 5 of them suckers, and one of them is in the middle of 'iceberg central', near an above water wrecked ship.

    Also setting up a link from the desert outpost to the ocean outpost. And, much like my main outpost-desert outpost & main outpost-Wild S outpost links, it'll be housed in the Nether.
  3. Went back to Shulkercraft's Mega Iron Farm in single-player to try a few ideas out. So far, the separation of Iron Ingots & Poppies is working great, though it does get a bit of a build-up of Iron Ingots, preventing the Poppies from making it to the Composter. So, I got it planned out that, when I put in the storage space for the Iron & Bone Blocks (which will be put in across from the Iron Ingot/Bone Meal chests on the auto-sorter), have easy access to the last hopper before the sorting system begins to (as I will call it) Drain-O the hopper pipeline and drop the Ingots & Poppies off in their respective spots.

    Which, on that note, did manage to get a SC of Iron Ingots in 15 minutes. Now, whether or not it'll be nerfed when I make it on the server, is a different story.

    UPDATE: Ran it for a little over an hour and picked up 20 stacks + 46 pieces of Iron Blocks (and 7 Iron Ingots) & 33 Bone Blocks (with 3 pieces of Bone Meal). So, overall, not too bad. Really looking forward to getting this beast up & running on the server, not to mention opening it up for all to use. May actually add on some extra hoppers to the bottom chests for Shulker Box loading, much like what the Auto-Shearing Wool Farm on SMP3 has.
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