[Established] City of Dark Sun

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  1. Location: Mountains of smp5
    Owner: Theravenite
    Current Members: 9

    Greetings Empire Minecraft, I have created an outpost named Dark Sun City, on a rocky mountain peninsula on SMP5. With the help of initial members, chiefly DizzyDazzy, we have already made HUGE progress as far as safety, infrastructure, and comradery are concerned. The time has come for open recruitment. We are looking for a few honorable, dedicated, players, who have a profound desire to join a community, that is actually sort of exclusive for now, EMC veterans will take priority screening. The existing members will screen all applicants individually to determine if you will fit in with our clan. As of now, I am leader, with DizzyDazzy and Itsmewolffpack as Co-Leaders, only being checked in power by me, We delineate individual project leadership to others. Mostly just run big stuff by us, little things don't require any degree of permission unless they are ugly.

    The theme of Dark Sun City is a warrior people, manning multiple fortresses across the region we hold. Smaller towns and cities cropping up everywhere. A strong navy is required to patrol the coastline, players who want to build ships, galleys, medieval vessels of any sort, are especially encouraged to join us. Some of you may watch the TV series Game of Thrones, well I like the idea of different compass points having a sense of importance, and cities shall be themed a little different from each other based on their cardinal direction. Currently only the capital is being constructed. Then sea fortress to guard the bay.

    City features include so far:

    x1 Automatic AFK Guardian Farm
    x4 Automatic AFK Iron Farm Module (15 stacked planned 4/15)
    x1 Semi Auto Crop Farm
    x3 Boss Defense Beacons (4 Beacons Each)
    x1 Double Cave Spider EXP Farm
    x1 Tree Farm (We have most species)
    x1 Fall Death Mob Trap
    Mostly finished Great Coastal Wall and Exterior Gatehouse
    Giant Weeping Willow Tree
    Storage Areas
    Plethora of player housing for new people

    City features planned so far:

    Grand City Docks
    x1 Trident Farm (Spawner already located for 1.13)
    x1 Overworld Gold Farm
    x?? Emerald Farms
    Giant Floating Island That Capital Building Shall Be Built On, island chained to an enlarged mountain with a dwarven fortress section to the city under it.

    We rely primarily on EMC general guidelines as far as behavior is concerned. We allow offensive language so long as it is CONTAINED inside of a private group or PM. I will create additional rules as they need to be setup with suggestive help from our playerbase. And reserve the right for expulsion from Dark Sun.

    Contact me privately in game or through forums for invitations.
    The city of Dark Sun awaits!!!

    ATTENTION: Due to a dank meme, we will not accept applications from Anti-vaccine people.

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  2. Congrats you're established :) have fun!

  3. "DSC Squall Chaser" an unarmed merchant class ship that will deploy as necessary to resupply battle groups.
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  4. After watching Game of Thrones.... I decided we should have a really big tree..... Because why not?
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  5. This looks amazing!!
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  6. Calling all shipwrights!!!

  7. Introducing Dark Sun Navy's newest, and prototype war galley, the "DSC Gorehowls Edge". She isn't complete yet, missing a second deck crossbow and her cannon deck, and most of the interior.... But the outside is almost done! ((((Role Play Ahead)))) Once her armament and crew are assembled she will leave to begin counter piracy and smuggling operations along our coast with a 4 trireme and 2 schooner escort. She needs an escort because the two deck crossbows would encumber the ship, javelins and cannon balls weigh a lot. She is meant to sink enemy vessels from a safe distance, not to pursue or go toe to toe. Should ships in her escort sink, she has the cabin capacity and store capacity to perform "rescue" maneuvers to save said crews.

  8. Speaking of escort Triremes..... "DSC Split Dodge"
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  9. I am currently working on other ship designs, my most ambitious being a HUGE catamaran-ish type vessel that will have sails on both hulls, the platform in the center serving as "Flight Deck" for a good sized zeppelin gunship, a carrier of sorts.
  10. SEEKING OTHER PEOPLE WHO THINK SHIPS ARE COOL AND WANT TO BUILD THEM WITH ME!!!! Or if your more interested in making walls, castles, villages, etc... Come join us at Dark Sun City :D
  11. Dark Sun City actively recruiting new members :D Come take your place amongst the bravest on Smp5

  12. It is time for an updated look at the interior bailey of the Dark Sun City fortress section!!!! As you can see we have been hard at work strengthening our walls, and LOOK buildings cropping up!!! Special shout out to DizzyDazzy on his excellent medieval building styles!!!
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  13. This is a forge tucked neatly away by DizzyDazzy, such a clever use for such an awkward corner
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  14. This is the kind of nonsense we have to deal with living out here lol, I was just trying to work on a windmill and I got jumped
  15. So proud of what this team can do in a weekend!!! Still actively recruiting new members!!! Contact DizzyDazzy or myself for an invitation. Currently we have about 7 active members living here 6/03/2019.
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  16. Freshly made tower!

    And our pet enraged polar bear, Bjorn.
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  17. this seems cool can i join?
  18. Some images of our new creations. :)

    Overview from castle wall

    DizzyDazzy's House

    Dizzy and I posing in front of our tower.

    My house.

    On top of the tower.

    Our Bakery. belac555's house.

    A small house/hut.

    One of the many small houses.
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