[Established] City of Dark Sun

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  1. I wanted to throw this is as well.
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  2. Contact ItsMeWolffpack, DizzDazzy, or myself for invites people, tryna bump this thread, we want to EXPLODE with manpower. Come join the bravest and fastest growing outpost on SMP5, we aint playing games here people, we are taking over SMP5 by force.

  3. Dark Sun City wants you.
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  4. Dark Sun City, "The Eclipse of SMP5"..... taking over this server by force come help us random viewer!
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  5. Bump this nonsense we tryna EXPLODE with population if you are reading this, are not a coward, and want to live in the wild with a warrior clan JOIN UP. RALLY, RALLY Damn you to our banner. We are the greatest outpost in the Empire...… And if we arn't now we sure as heck will be with our continued growth!!!!!! RALLY to our banner! Dark Sun is the greatest!!!!!!
  6. Rally to our banner! Actively recruiting anyone who isn't stupid!!!!!!
  7. Sign me up bro
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  8. We're always open to new players. Dark Sun's town is very friendly and safe! PM DizzyDazzy, Theravennite, or me to be brought over!
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  9. Wow this is a really nice outpost I like the building style
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  10. We'd love to have you!
  11. Ah I’m in two outposts and quiting kinda
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  12. Rise, Up, Rise up Sons and Daughters of the empire, Dark Sun awaits, If you think living in town is a waste of your time and promotes soft living, then THIS is the outpost for you. We are the WARRIOR clan of SMP5.We own this server. ACTIVELY RECRUING Non-Weaklings! Living out here is Rough, you are expected to die very infrequently, and set your spawn here so we don't have to waste 15-20 minutes retrieving you.
  13. do you accept people who only play from time to time? If so im interested :)
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  14. Yes! We’re open to most, if not all, players!
  15. Come join today! We'll fly you out!
  16. I hate to bump but, we are still looking for active members who love building in a community setting.