Erosion - Otus Created by ME! On Guitar!

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  1. I am very excited to show you all this :)
    Every note in that song was created by myself, I just really wanted to drop it here to show you all what I have been doing lately, and express what music really means to me.

    I find it fascinating to create your own music because it's an indirect blend of all your influences and creativity put into one thing and it's a very humbling art form. :)

    Little backstory on Erosion:
    Back in around June, Shyguythegamer1 and myself were planning on working on an album, or a song at least.
    It never took traction because of the reasons that creating any sort of music across the world from each other with literally a phone microphone and a $2 program is extremely difficult. I am saying this because this song was actually birthed from a riff I showed shyguy, it's the main riff you hear at the very start :)

    Since making a song wouldn't have worked out, I decided to just make one independently, and this is what the outcome is :)

    It took a long time, demotivation and sweat, but I am very excited to show you all.
    Thank you :)
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  2. Okay, now THIS is epic.
  3. Dang my dude! That's amazing! Glad to know you're enjoying music. I've always wanted to make music but gotta love when you don't have very good musical skills :oops: I love music so much but cant quite make it haha. I will add though sounds like Iron Maiden - Trooper and Metallica - One combined for an amazing song
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  4. you already know how I feel bout this.. it's amazing. you're one of the reasons I'm gonna save every penny I make and buy myself an electric. I will 100% show up in BC one day to jam out with you.. I'm so happy to see you happy and to see everyone else's reactions to the music I knew you could produce.. pretty bonkers.
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  5. Thank you for your words, it truly means a lot when my music impacts someone in some way. I look at my influences and I want to be like them, I want to bring an impact to others and the fact I have is very rewarding and humbling.
    Yes please come to BC, I'd love to make music anyway that we can. Thank you so much and you're very welcome :)
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  6. Never thought it sounded like iron maiden or Metallica, but that's actually a pretty good insight, cool that you noticed!
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  7. You can jam at my shop anytime:D
    I left that same comment on your Youtube Channel, and I meant it!;)
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  8. It might just be me, but I hear an influence of For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica. Good job. :)
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  9. It wasnt even a thought in my head but it's cool that you noticed it anyway! :))))
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  10. Keep on rockin my friend. Its great for the soul.
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  11. Great job!! Very cool, and thanks for sharing. :) I hope you'll record it properly later! The audio quality wasn't bad per se, but it didn't sound quite right either, and hearing the "tacks" made me feel like I was watching someone play Guitar Hero instead of listening to an actual performance. :p Although maybe it's supposed to add character and I should get used to it?... I know I personally also use a camera/microphone recording for the audio, but that's because I play on an acoustic instrument. :p
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