Enraged mob farms.

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  1. Hey everyone!! Lately I have seen a lot of people talking about Enraged mob farms. I for one would love to have one of these, But everyone that has one is keeping them secret! So lets talk about it! I would like to talk about enraged mob farms and how to build them. I am also paying for access to an enraged mob farm! If you have a farm and you would like to sell access Pm me and I will get back to you ASAP

  2. I'm pretty sure you slab an area, since it's the only type of mob to spawn on slabs? That's what I overheard on one thread, but I'm not positive on how to make it.
  3. It spawns on slabs? That could be very useful in building the farm.
  4. they spawn on slabs?
  5. That's what believe I saw on one thread, although I can't remember the name of it. Don't take that info for 100% granted.
  6. I have not seen them spawn in places they shouldn't, I've built with a fair amount of slabs before. I've learned recently that Iron Golems can't see slabs at all when they decide to spawn, thats only mob I know of that ignores them though.
  7. My guess is you make a normal mob farm with the lid off and use at night.
  8. I have a large(80x40x15) slabbed(and fairly well lit) area, and often get enraged mob spawns, granted it is in a cavern without roof over some parts, so it could be drop-ins, but I doubt the amount could be just that...
  9. Could I just make a regular mob farm and use lava to kill the regular mobs but not the enraged? Then have a kill area and kill them myself for tokens and such? Come on people! I know there are people that have seen this and has a enraged farm. Lets hear about it!
  10. The wiki says that enraged are just like normal mobs (same light level spawning), but MUCH rarer. I recently made a regular mob farm, but haven't got any enraged yet (of course, my mob farm is extremely inefficient). Lot of creepers though. I would try experimenting with a normal mob farm and making sure to light up other areas A LOT. :) Good luck! And if it works out well, I would love to see it so I can improve my mob farm. :p
  11. I definitely had some enraged mobs find me under ground. So it seems like they do spawn like others. I'll have to keep an eye on mob farm when I make it.
  12. Anyone that actually HAS an enraged mob farm have any pointers?
  13. They're like normal mob farms. Sometimes they spawn enraged, sometimes they dont.
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  14. I know people that do. They just refuse to share the information
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  15. I have onever and took about a week to design so I prefer not to share all I can say is just test.....
  16. Test what? And why do people keep the designs to themselves? I see it as greedy and somewhat selfish
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  17. That's what an economy is... greed and selfish people :p
    Seriously though, build the best natural mob spawns system as you can, and you will get enraged.
  18. I like to keep all my designs as it is very hard to make them and a lot of time and work goes into it so I don't want to just give it away. I also don't want the price to drop like the iron did with all the iron farms.

    I wous start off seeing where they spawn then making different designs around the spawn. Mone is 200 200 blocks big.
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  19. Do u want to know how to make a farm that includes the Giant Zombie? Coz I will release a simple design for that.
  20. I have one as well... Ultimately, it's a simple dead drop. I like ethos design :p