Enraged CREEPERS!?!?

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  1. I thought I saw my first natural charged creeper but no. Apparently there is enraged creepers.

  2. *looks for giant creeper*
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  3. *Hurries to town to avoid giant creepers*
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  4. i will definately be bringing my bow with me next time im in the wild
  5. They don't blow up, well they do, but they don't kill themselves by blowing up.
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  6. nope.gif
  7. Normal creeper= "wow that almost killed me and blew up most of my house."
    enraged creeper= "wow that almost killed me and blew up most of my... IT'S STILL ALIVE AND COMING AT ME!"
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  8. Oh no. Our fears have been confirmed. A set of 3...
  9. oh dear lord help us all! as if i didn't hate creepers enough, is there even a word to describe how much more i'm gonna hate creepers lol? loath maybe?
  10. I think the word you are looking for is RUN THE HECK AWAY!
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  11. go hide in a shelter and if it knocks dont let it in. if you do well we will find your remains
  12. enragged zombies hit harder then enragged skeles you'd think the other way around :confused:
  13. Met an Enraged Creeper out in SMP8 wasteland. Thank god I decided to bring my good bow - Five or six shots from Power V before it died, and the sucker moved FAST.
    :confused: There is no god, only Zool.
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  14. What did it drop?
  15. i think they drop emeralds
  16. fun facts:
    1. on ground they dont always blow everything up, instead they light everything around them on fire
    2. in water they just do explosive damage to the player
    3. they drop alot of gunpowder when they die
    also, i was super smart and ran into 2 of them when exploring without armor. they are much more hugable than regular creepers :D
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  17. hover your crosshair over them and they say enraged creeper, I think your thinking of a supercharged creeper.
    Also, the lightning doesn't have to directly hit them, just if its around them. :)
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  18. For me it droped 4 diamonds.
  19. Oh hell no.
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