#Enraged Baby Zombie Chicken Jockey = OverPowered

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  1. Look at the picture.
    I was on difficulty 7, Just a note.
    Baby zombies are overpowered enough as is, Aikar WHY make CHICKEN JOCKEYS that are enraged???
    just.... Madness.
    Post any comments or other ''weird encounters'' here!

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  2. ...scary as crap
  3. Your title is just slightly too long...:p That and the picture made me burst out in laughter.
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  4. I dont trust this picture for 1 thing, no such thing as enraged baby zombie, you got hit by an enraged then got killed by a baby riding chick, love that this baby zombies can use that to fly...
  5. you mean hit by the baby zombie then engraged zombie?
  6. I heard that baby enraged zombies was a thing now. I have yet to confirm that, though.
  7. And the baby didnt have red letters saying enraged even
  8. He might have looked at it the last second before death...
  9. I did look at it, and that's how I knew it was enraged. But it was raining, so you couldn't see it on fire...
  10. There are enraged baby zombies, there have been multiple sightings and a few pictures taken.
  11. Something with the 1.7.8 update changed how things spawn.

    Our admin horses sometimes spawn as a baby now too....
  12. I see nothing wrong with this
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  13. Better not let 1.8 screw us also, giants(momentus) can spawn/take armor, so say your in god gear fighting one and you die...let's just say that momentus will be there for a while
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  14. The massively weird part is that it was riding a chicken. This is also my first sighting of a baby zombie riding a chicken too :p
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  15. Please note the massive amount of items that exploded from my death. To be precise I had so much things that I only had2 slots open in my inventory :p
  16. :eek: ~hides in corner~
  17. I guess that it is a low chance that an Enraged Mob will spawn. Even lower if it is a baby. EVEN LOWER if it is a jockey.

    You were killed by a very rare mob.
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  18. Confirmed:
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  19. Wow. Just wow.
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