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Will this be a good idea?

+1 8 vote(s) 18.6%
-1 35 vote(s) 81.4%
  1. I reckon you should add a /end... i mean it is a bit dimensionist to add a /nether but not a /end.
  2. There's an end on every server, however. There are portals on every server, somewhere in the wild. I believe there may be portals in the waste too? Someone will confirm that for me :p
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  3. Smp5's is only a 1 minute walk from spawn
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  4. Same with SMP9's, it's not far at all...

    Personally, I'd say no to a command like this, as we have easily accessible End worlds already :)
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  5. Same as smp7, only a small distance from main frontier spawn...
  6. Although it would make life alot quicker
  7. Also, one of the perks of being a gold or diamond supporter is that we have this option, kind of. /v endertopia
  8. Well it kind of takes you to the end but you cant fight the enderdragon there or mine end stone, or really build there and its only for utopia
  9. You can't fight the Enderdragon at all. They've been gone for years.
  10. But if they respawned then you wouldn't be able to fight them at endertopia
  11. LOL dimensionist :p :D
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  12. Also with this you wont need to show a new player how to get to the portal you can say "oh do /end"
  13. Haven't even gone to the end yet.
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  14. wow...
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  15. What I've heard is that there are end portals in both the waste and wild, but I think the wild portals are somehow disabled and they will not work, even with eye of ender. I'm not sure if that's correct, so don't count on it xD
    It would make sense to have an /end command since there is a /nether command, but the nether different. Anyone can make a portal, and it is easily accessible. I think having to find the portal sort of adds to the survival feel of the game
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  16. If I recall correctly; the portals work but the eye of ender don't.
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  17. This would be correct :)
  18. Yay! I haven't been to the end in ages. I use to know the route to SMP4's portal off by heart, but that has gone out the window xD. I have a base in SMP4's end actually. Wonder if it is still there...
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  19. SMP9's is really easy to remember once you know the direction, I haven't been in an age but I bet I could still get there easy peasy! xD
  20. I'm not a fan of such a command because of two reasons, first being gameplay; it takes the suspense away. Right now going to the End is somewhat 'special'. Heck; even if no one told you where to find an Endportal then nothing is stopping you from grabbing the Eye of Ender and go for a hunt because the Eye of Ender works as intended (at least in the Frontier).

    The second, also gameplay related; because the End is a non-resetting world (and unprotected) this small barrier is most likely blocking quite a few griefers as well.

    And to me that advantage heavily outweighs the (IMO) small inconvenience of getting there.
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