End of 11 - Boss Bars / bugs / misc - 6/6/17

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  1. Hello everyone.

    This will be our last (big) update for 1.11.2... (barring fixes for bugs found in this release).

    The most important part of this update was something I teased over a month ago:

    Boss bars for Mini Boss and Event mobs! You may now see how much health that monster has!

    Additionally, These boss bars bring the "Boss Mode" mood and music to the game... Your screen will dim and such.

    As usual, these bars can be turned off if you do not want to see them, check your /ps (Player Settings > Survival > Show Boss Bar for Custom Mobs)

    There are also quite a few misc changes here and there (few for staff)

    Namely, a new and improved "Super Confirm" confirmation prompt, which is now being used for Residence Resets and such. This prompt forces you to solve a puzzle to confirm the action, ensuring you read the item text and understand what you are about to do, stopping you from rapid accepting.

    Also /vault was restored and a new /vault last command was added to access your last vault

    New Player Setting for controlling Event Custom Mob Spawns

    Added several /compass commands. Subcommands include residence, home, current, north, east, south, and west. 1.12 update will bring a new interface to help with compass commands.

    But this update also contains an increased risk of bugs.

    We've been changing things. As I had been streaming - lots of Empires work. Changes to Residence in prep for Outposts (Code cleanup) and a massive update to our command system refactoring it to be shared to the public.

    The commands change has the most risk. Though we think we've worked out all the bugs... but if you find something off with commands, please let us know!

    Thanks :)
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  2. wow, great work!
  3. This update also contains all of the code currently written for Empires... but it's "turned off", so if you find something that seems related to Empires that shouldn't be showing yet, please let me know :p
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  4. I was mining when all the sudden it told me "Server Restarting"! Nice work devs on this update!
  5. Ooh, does this mean we all get the TurnEverythingIntoCake button? (jk :p)

    Joking aside, great work dev team, I look forward to seeing these changes in-game and using them!
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  6. But, but, is not a joke feature... I do want it
  7. Great work as usual :)
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  8. Awesome update; here's to less accidental res resets!

    *right clicks with cake in hand* *is asked to solve one of the new SUPER CONFIRM puzzles before placing* Are you sure you want to do that, Hash?
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  9. Well i mean you gotta get your desert somehow Bambi! Just make sure to balance it out with a floor full of cawwots ;)
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  10. Sweet! Now the dev team can look forward to a joyous time as 1.12 gets released... ;)
  11. Since we are making small changes, would it be possible to not re-center the cursor after clicking the Previous or Next icons in the Vault? I would like to open mine and browse them by repeatedly clicking Next or PRevious and it is impossible because my cursor is homed each time I click.
  12. Great Work!
  13. Thanks for all the work, but I've got a bug already: Pressing tab to complete commands no longer works
  14. Awesome work you guys. I'm especially happy with the vault change because in all honesty it slowly drove me nuts (I'm in the process of moving quite some stuff from SMP2 to Utopia and I just couldn't get used to not seeing my personal stuff again whenever I typed /vault).

    Now to find myself a mini-boss and test those bars out :)
  15. I'm liking this new horse feature though.. Thanks! Makes it real easy to see the stats before taming.
  16. Great! :)
  17. That is fantastic but can I suggest one thing please. Can you turn off the snow trails that the blizz ard leaves? In the frontier if a player or outpost is trying to make a themed area that is not winter based it is very laborious to go back and remove the snow after a blizz ard(s) have been there. Over time more and more of the frontier will be snow in biomes it doesn't belong in. Just a suggestion.
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  18. I had this suggestion and made a thread for it but it didn't get very far. https://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-summers-here-but-winter-can-still-be-seen.65579/
    Here is what Kryssy said:
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