(Suggestion) Summer's here but Winter can still be seen.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by AncientTower, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Every year Blizz Ard come and goes but his presence remains.

    I'm suggesting that when Blizz Ards / Snow Golems are spawned that their snowy trail disappear after an allotted time.

    Here it is 3 months after the winter events yet the ground stays cold and snowed over.

    This snowy cover will no doubt stay until someone clears it. It looks awful and disrupts the flow of the wild plains.
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  2. Maybe have a script that removes all snow caps that are not in a snowy biome 3 months after the blizz event ends?
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  3. We prefer to not utilize scripts.

    We have the ability to //thaw out an area when needed, but we can't go around applying that to all areas of the wild because it clears out the areas that are supposed to be snowy as well. Plus, there are still some Blizzards alive out there actively leaving trails behind.
  4. Okay, I only thought with the introduction of frost walker in 1.9 that there would be code to allow the same technique to the snow trails Blizz Ards give off.