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    Hey everyone! At some point during your time on EMC you will most likely want to visit the End. A while back I searched the forums for "end locations," and nothing came up. I have since made a video of how to get to all the End Locations on every SMP including coordinates. I sincerely hope this helps and thank you all for watching!


  2. Awesome video! This will definitely be helpful when 1.9 comes out! (first :))
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  3. Watched it, loved it and nice job! :)
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  4. Looks like the ice tower I restored on SMP8 has been slightly melted.

    I'll get to fixing that, when I can today. ;)
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  5. I'm always getting the 'couldn't load plugin' error for videos on EMC.
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  6. I'll add a direct link too
  7. Excellent video.
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  9. Very useful video. :) As someone who has taken many trips guiding people to the SMP4 and SMP9 portals, I can greatly appreciate the fact that I can now just drop this link on them. :p
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  10. Also, maybe add a contents
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  11. Fixed.
    All is good with the tower.

    I was stupid to place furnaces right next to ice.:oops:
    When a furnace is active, it emits enough light to melt ice and snow.
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  12. Hey Toade.

    First of all, thank you very much for sharing this!:)

    This helps me tremendously with my public campaign!

    If you didn't know, I'm very passionate about The End dimensions on Empire Minecraft. They were where I seeded and grown from. In response to myself and my seed, I started the Ender Builder's Campaign, which is about constructing public Enderman Farms and routes across SMP servers 1 through 9. Anybody is welcome to help!

    We currently have built 2 farms. We'll build the next one after EMC 1.9 arrives, so I can use the new End blocks: purpur, end stone bricks, and end rods.:cool:

    Campaign Thread:
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  13. So, that's why you asked me for directions then, hmm Toade? I'm glad I was able to help you that day! :D
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  14. Cool Video! :)
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  15. Is it that area that is blocked off with a sign saying expansion 1.9 or something like that?
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  16. Now that's cool! :)
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  17. Wait wait wait just a minute... You're a dude? Well... ignore my most recent pm....
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  18. Loud intro and the body of the video is really quiet.
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  19. Yup I'm still working on sound levels and transitions; a little better than my last video.
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  20. With your voice you can join mumble ;)