EmpireMinecraft Survey - Giving away Marlix Bow

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  1. Here's the link. Check it out :)

    I made a short EmpireMinecraft survey to collect some interesting data from the community - and I got some!

    Once we hit 50 responses to the form, I gave away an absolutely free Marlix Bow to a randomly selected participant - Looks like it was Mob_Meal!

    This event is now over, but I'll still take your responses if you like.

    You can also view the survey data here!

    Here's a simple report with percentages and stuff:

    For those who want it, here's the anonymized data:
  2. Why would you even want to know first name? It says I don't need to fill it in, but I can't submit the form without filling something in, so I just put "Why?"
    Anyway, I liked the dynamic responses, although I think some answers would make you lie :p
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  3. I'm getting stuck on question 11 :/ it says I haven't filled in an answer, but I obviously have. I'] doing this on my phonez by the way.
  4. Complete. Interesting to see how many answer. Just marked my name with an X
  5. Sorry about that. I forgot to toggle Required.
    Should be fixed now though.
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  6. Not sure why that's happening. It works fine on my phone. Try your PC?
  7. Did it. (it really is hard to be not lieng about my curent rupee balance, so low! (I didn't do that annyway))
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  8. Tried on my PC, which made me realise what went wrong: I used commas to make the numbers clear, and it didn't like that, and therefore refused the answer :p Filled it out now too. :)
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  9. I don't know if just me but it took 5 minutes just to type anything for favorite block, like 20 second lag time with my keyboard and 2/3 what I typed was unresponsive. Don't even remember what I picked so if you care. Favorite block: Slime Block Least favorite: the diorite/andesite/granite trio
  10. Least favorite for me had to be bread. I mean, why would you even craft that?? It's such a waste of wheat, which you could use to breed cows and make delicious beef and earn some XP on the process :p
  11. I'll fill this out when I'm at my PC. It won't load for me on my phone.

    EDIT: Done. :)
  12. Update: I've received 25 responses. We're halfway to the goal already!
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  13. I did it from my cell also so I couldnt double check my exact rupee balance, so I rounded it. Also I think I got my join date right... lol I knew it was in April and on a Friday :p
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  14. There you go, I actually had to look up my residence number :p I put the join date of this account, thought that was what you want.
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  15. Done! Cant wait to see the results
  16. Lets try it out :D
  17. I don't know what you'll learn from this survey, but it was more fun than most questionnaires.
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  18. This was actually a cool survey
  19. Filled it out :)