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  1. 46 stacks of iron isn't actually that much. In the personal scale, it's a lot, but when a dozen people are strip mining, it's achieved in only a few hours, and even quicker now thanks to those abandoned mines all over the map.

    Anyway, we're arguing figures now which is pointless.

    All I'll say is, you've had a bad experience and been burned by it which is fair enough and understandable but that shouldn't ever stop you from trying something again like that. It's all about getting back up after being knocked down.

    The easiest way to stop people destroying it is that as each segment is complete, Empire simply remove the perms to that area of land. The scope for griefing here is tiny. What's the worst that can happen in a tunnel? Really? If they can't dig out because the perm barrier surrounds only the area the tunnel will use and unless they actually want to fill it back in, there's nothing they can do?

    Besides, if they do grief, so what? It's fixable. We fix it. As they're now breaking server rules the simple solution is they get banned.

    I've been badly griefed in the past and just skipped around filling in the holes (Though not before I upgraded my traps!) and dealt with it. It was hard, but I sure wasn't backing down from it.

    So I'm done with this and at least it's been brought to light. Hopefully something will come of it eventually.
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  2. the mos
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr2Gdx0kWqY the way to move fast around town with no lag
  3. Comin guys it's getting silent on this thread, if we want to get this we have to push for it!
  4. There's only so much we can say until Empire decide to give this the go-ahead.

    The arguments against it logistically are limited and weak in my straight and honest opinion whereas the arguments against it technically are somewhat stronger, in so far as: Is there a simple way for Empire to implement perms over a set area that minimises the damage, simplifies the job.

    Everything else just requires organisation and teamwork.
  5. Justin Guy if your making subways you can use water and boats instead of rails and mine-cart because its a legit server including for the admins its even in the tutorial. P.S. there is a bug where you can no clip into blocks.:(
  6. cool this went up about a min. after i posted that you can use water and boat instead of rails an mine cart
  7. i can donate rails so the subways will be finished as soon as possible:D
  8. Then it will be "The Venecian Minecraft" lol
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  9. I like this idea. I'd like an above-ground train better (track on the sandstone) so I could ride around just to look at stuff. Being able to sightsee lazily would be fun.

    I am not sure how much use I would give an underground transport system, but I haven't been playing that long and have not yet started trading. How does one put an animal into a minecart?
  10. Justin guy said that the subway would be for transporting items.
  11. cave johnson: i punch those numbers into my calcuelater it makes a happy face. lol
    (portal 2)
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  12. Anybody know if development has been made in orginising this?
  13. Nope their has been none :/ and It will lagg the servers now thanks to the new shizzle in 1.2 :)
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  14. Im sure the awesome, amazing staff will figure out how to do this with little lag.
  15. Yeah but think of what will happen when people put items on the rail :/ when going along it
  16. Hmmm maybe make a limit of people allowed in the subway like have a RTS Thingy that leads to the subway. If the limit is reached, have a message in the chat that says Sorry but the subway limit has been reached. Please try again later.
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  17. That's an idea
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  18. but that wont fix people placing items on the track
    but the idea is good anyway :)
  19. i dont really see the point of having a subway, unless they remove all types of teleporting
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  20. true and their are to many down sides to this :/ this is why Minecraft needs a Vehicle like a plane Jeep or helicopter.
    well justin could make a EMC client xD and have one server where their are vehicles that would be cool xD
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