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  1. Someone raised it in chat today and I think this idea is a winner:

    The streets of the Empire are utilised to create a subway with stations at the centre of each four square block.

    The entire community gets involved in it, or at least those that want to. We have to get all the resources ourselves, no handouts. The only thing the Admin do is set the rights to public use on the strip of ground we need.

    I don't know how the rights work but potentially they could set build rights only to the depth and width we need so people can't start chewing up the ground under the streets.

    What would a subway do?

    We could transfer animals via minecraft, we could create goods trains using chestcarts to move large stocks around, and of course, you could hop on and scoot around to visit someone.

    What's the point when you can just teleport? Well, with the animals it'd certainly help, and for large amounts of goods, I think it's just a novel way of doing it.

    Justin mentioned he was thinking about giving each player ownership of their strip of road but I think that way lies carnage and confusion, plus with any empty lots potentially screwing up any rail network.

    I think as Community projects go, it's a good one. I did something similar with another large sever a while back and it was a resounding success.

  2. Ithing its a great idea! I can donate 64 rail! and i would be glad to help with smp2s subway!
  3. When it comes to the actual rails, people can either donate their iron or teams can roll out and find the abandoned mines and strip them of all the old rails you find lying there.

    It's got so many different ways to create a real buzz and team effort!
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  4. I like this, I've mentioned in a couple of threads it would be cool to do something that brings the community together. Each server could compare their layout etc and see who comes up with the most efficient system :p
  5. I could look into how this would work best. Just so you know we have over 1,500 residences per server, I don't know how many intersections that is or the total distance of "subways" would be (lots are 60x60), anyone care to take a stab at the math?
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  6. 42? Oh wait, thats the meaning of life...no idea Justin.
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  7. I think it would be a good idea for transporng animals from the wild/nether to the town. Would it run underneathe the streets of the town or just on the streets? There is a way that you can push yourself fast without using rail carts-its pistons that a placed exactly to push you. It should also run underground in the wild/nether to help players get home if they are far away-this would be off the live map so it is hard to find-this would also be indestructible like the wild spawn(s).
  8. That many pistons would cause massive lag all over Town
  9. True, there could be a main subway or subway stops every 5 residences.:)
  10. from what i can tell there are 324 major intersections(the fountains) so if we only laid track on those roads, it would take about 176,688 rails(thats 51 double chests full of rail stacks), that number comes from the total length from end fountain to end fountain(2454 blocks) doubled(for two-way travel) then multiplied by the total number of rows of roads(36).
  11. So about a days hard work then..... Ahem... :D

    Certainly, for a start, we could look at doing a simple outer ring and inner ring and connecting the two at strategic points.

    Please see my Johnny Age 5 drawing for an example.

    This means that at least, if nothing else, you're going to be within a reasonable walking distance of your home as far as animal transporation goes.

    Then if that works out well, there is scope to expand it later.


    Oh, forgot to draw it on but bang a connecting line right down the middle too.
  12. sounds good. maybe some detecter rails to know if the rail is in use. it would be REALLY annoying to have an admin destroy all the clogged carts. ALSO: what if donators could make stations from their houses for private use or pay per use. good ideas????
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  13. I agree with that.
  14. I could donate alot of rails and redstone:)
  15. I think this is a great idea!
  16. Yes, we could get around to each others res like *snap*!We could also have like a bulletin board to advertise shops or awesome residences:) Or like signs to tell where each res cart goes.
  17. well there are all ready the outposts to get back from a long way away
  18. But over wise I'm in with this idea I could have a station on my res it's a community village
  19. Great idea if not just for the shear fun of riding a minecart around. Would just be a great community project, though I'm not sure how it would need to be setup so that people couldn't mess it up tho