Empire Player Cards

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  1. This has been on my mind for a while, but I never really had all the details figured out at once, but, here it is.

    Empire Player Cards

    The cards will definitely increase in size to accommodate more information about the player and more design to make them look a bit better.

    A new card will be released every 12 hours, starting with Admins, then Senior Staff, then Staff, and after that I will take request for a specific player's card.

    Staff Rarity Classification

    Admin = Ultra Rare
    Senior Staff = Royalty
    Staff = Supreme

    Non-Staff Rarity Classification

    7,000+ Post = Superior
    5,000-6,999 Post = Celebrity
    3,000-4,999 Post = Professional
    1,000-2,999 Post = Known
    500-999 Post = Upcoming
    100-499 Post = Novice
    0-99 Post = Learner

    Nub Level

    1 Level = 100 Days
  2. Maybe instead of doing posts you could do days online in-game :/ It seems like a better way to do things imo. I mean I've mad some 800 posts, but I've almost been on for 1000 days. So I'm not a nub, I just don't post on forums, I silently watch forums.
  3. But then there's people who joined once years ago and then left for the longest time. I don't think it's fair to say that they've been here that long if they were only present for a month of that time.

    OT - That sounds like a great idea!
  4. There will be something else using days on the cards.
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  5. Those are really cool. :)
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  6. Aikar used Debug!
    50 new bugs appeared!

    This is actually a pretty good idea.
    Nice one Cory!
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  7. Aikar used efficiency! Deadline has been increased by 4 years!
  8. Pretty cool.
  9. This will be a good one. ;)
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  10. Updated Aikar's card with Nub Level and Special Attack.
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  11. Nice job, they look really cool. :)
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  12. I could see this becoming a new thing.
    Empiremon! Gotta collect 'em all.

    Maybe some sort of forum game, you do a pack-type opening thing, and you trade the cards or something like that?
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  13. And make them tradeable, like so:

    "Give me two Rainbowchin and I'll give you Krysyy"
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  14. How did you make those? What editor did you use?
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  15. This is just a random comment, but aren't you glad I changed my name? Squeezing in krysyyjane9191 would have looked wonky =P
  16. I doubt it would be readable.
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  17. I'm not sure what editor was used, but I think all that was done to make these was just an image of the skins from novaskin, some minecraft font, and some shapes :p
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  18. Nailed it.
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  19. Bout to ask you if you could make a card of me but im not Admin/Staff
  20. Normal Player Cards will begin once staff are done.