Empire Performance Update - AKA "The update holding up the Dragon Tombs"

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  1. Hello everyone, Status update time!

    I'm sure most of you have seen me state we have some big updates that need to be done as a blocker to the path to finishing the Dragon Tombs...

    Well good news, we are close to finishing it! This is going to be major in term of getting rid of lag on EMC.

    The current work has resulted in around it being around a 3000% to 4000% performance gain when communicating with the database...

    EMC Hasn't been lagging lately, why is this so important and blocking Dragon Tombs?
    The current code for everything the Empire does for database communication was done in very inefficient ways. We can not continue to write new code in this style, as every piece of code adds more lag to EMC. The Dragon Tomb system will be using the database too so it depends on this code to finally be fixed.

    Also, we still have issues once we get up to 60 players online too, and the Dragon update is of course going to bring us a lot more players. We need to have the server ready to support 60/60 BEFORE it's a problem.

    What does this mean to me?
    Well, every single core aspect of EMC has pretty much been changed here. Everything has potential to be bugged now....We will be doing extensive testing before pushing it live, but there always the chance something is going to be missed...

    I don't forsee anything broken in a way that could cause duplication, but emergency reboots could be a possibility.

    Is it worth the risk?
    Yes, a million times yes. We can not go forward with the current code. It has to be fixed, then new code will be written correctly.

    Is the Dragon Tombs next week?
    No... There will still be a bit of time before its ready, but this was the major hurdle from even working on the Tombs.

    When will this update be out?
    With the 1.4.6 EMC update. This change pretty much holds us up from going to 1.4.6 even if Bukkit is ready. But hopefully will be done in next 2 days and we can potentially see 1.4.6 by Sunday, but if not it will be mid week next week (Sorry, no EMC work on Christmas...)

    Can we remove or up the entity count?
    No. Entities can still cause a lot of lag if there are too many. Removing one problem does not mean we should let another one go uncontrolled.
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  2. When I saw this on the recently active threads, the title was cut off. I was expecting it to say something like Empire Performance Update - AKA "The economy ruining update" >.>
  3. More people connected to the server?
    That surely means that more people will buy things!
    The Economy is ruined!
  4. Hmm splendid.
  5. wait, getting rid of lag? - i've been on many servers, looking around, they all suck. simply put.

    this place, never has lag...
    even a server i was on for 10 minutes said "NO LAG EVER" well boy, that was a lie. lol

    so i am a bit confused with emc going to be lag free, when it already is :D
  6. No lag = Alkairs next evil plan involving the economy :p
    I am glad to hear this! Thanks once again!
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  7. I just love the servers who advertise;
    "16GB, Lag-Free!"
    And then I'm; "Wanna Bet" :trollface:
  9. Amazing as always, I do have a question however: has JustinGuy completely abandoned the possibility of working on code on EMC? And another question which you probably can't answer or something: are you employed at Kalland Labs as the EMC guy now?
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  10. 16GB... I thought EMC ran on 32GB, and sometimes the lag on EMC (well not in a while) is unbabreable!
  11. i think my eyes just busted... that signature is way too big.
  12. lol, atleast a lot of people are noticing it... Panda even went to the trouble of posting on my profile about :p StadsCast is my kinda crappy YouTube channel ;)
  13. Kalland Labs do more then just EMC, Justin is still there but there are other ppl like AIkar that work on the code. Justin did say sometime ago that he was getting very busy and found it hard to answer everyone's questions I am sure this is on his profile.

    With the 1.3 mc update came with it probably the most bugged version to date. Since then several issues came up that they are and have been working on for months. What Aikar is saying is that they are on the verge of sorthing a lot of these bugs out by re-righting the code for the plugin's that EMC use on here.

    As for the economy trust me its working, :D rrrrrrrrrrupeee

    The best thing we can do for the server is "VOTE" for it :D
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  14. Well, when we have 60/60 on there is lag... My recent updates helped us get a lil closer to supporting 60/60 but still wasnt desirable.

    This new update we can have 150 players on w/o lag.
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  15. Yey.
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  16. EMC servers actually run with 9GB allocated. It's been more than plenty. CPU has always been the primary bottleneck.
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  17. I can't wait to get into a tomb and get the egg to further my plans!
  18. For mc world domination muwahahahahaha :D
  19. This is why I play EMC. Great work Aikar.
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  20. No Christmas until you get Minecraft multi threaded , Off you go. Might save the economy for a while too...
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