Empire Minecraft Scheduled Maintenenance [4/16/14 12:00AM EST]

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Apr 15, 2014.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Tonight at midnight EST, we will be stopping the game servers for a Minecraft Upgrade to 1.7.8.
    While this is a minor version update, Mojang has included massive changes in order to support the upcoming name change feature.

    This puts this update at a higher risk than normal updates, as this update will be converting data to a new format where it stores player data by ID instead of name.

    We have the update running without any issues in Testing, and should be clear for a deploy tonight.

    However, due to the file conversion nature, we will need to full stop all servers, turn off automated backups, turn off automatic restarts, perform a back up, then roll out the game servers, and then test as staff. to ensure everything is going as expected.

    Once we verify this, we can then turn Bungee back on and allow everyone back on.

    What is the expected downtime?

    Hopefully around 10 minutes.

    Some expected questions:
    CLIENT MODS: ALL 1.7 clients can still connect, so feel free to continue using 1.7.2 for mods.
    KNOWN ISSUE: Player Skulls will not render on any client less than 1.7.8.
    EXPECTED ISSUE: Lag. Minecraft has to convert the Player skulls, and they did this in an extremely broken way that WILL cause the server to lag. Nothing we can do unless we were to delete every placed skull.... But as these chunks are loaded and converted, it shouldn't cause lag then.

    Why are we upgrading?
    This is a major change in Minecraft that we have to prepare for and ensure our server is converted to use UUID's instead of names, and our player/world data is converted. Not taking these steps could leave us with corrupted data in a future update.
  2. Upgrades?? Koolio!
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  3. How long will this take to do ?
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  4. Thanks Aikar!
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  5. Hopefully 10 minutes~
  6. ok cheers, quicker then i was thinking :D
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  7. Sounds good Aikar, thanks for getting to work on this so quickly, and an even bigger hands up to the development team for getting it pushed out so early.
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  8. Other servers will be down for hours :)

    Mojangs conversion service is super slow. SMP1 alone would of taken over an hour to full conversion, but I modified how the conversion process works for EMC.
  9. ok cool, with the name changing how does it work, how often are you aloud to change it ?
  10. And how would /tell and /p function now. Like if I changed my name to TotallyNotBobShmingleshtien hwo would it work?
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  11. with that Deflux, i think we will still have to say there normal names.
  12. We do not have a solid plan for name changes yet, but the goal is that you will still have your same residences/access/shops etc.

    EMC already uses a unique ID instead of name for most things, just a few things like Shops and Residences have to be converted.
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  13. so it will not be changed yet in the update ?
  14. Do you have any plans for like [DIAMOND] kyle12cu1 as my name on the server?
  15. is the long names going to bee fully seen from now on ?
  16. That's pretty spammy.
  17. I can't wait for changing usernames.. I just want to change my username from "wisepsn" to "Wisepsn", seems more proper lol. :p
  18. What will happen with locked chests?
  19. With the name change thing its gonna be hard to find your friend if everyone changes their name. It's like me changing my name and basically disappearing. So maybe some kind if command to see previous names just so the possibility of my friends changing their name and I can't tell who they are. For example
    DiggyMaster123 changes name to CheifDwarf456. I won't be able to tell he was DiggyMaster123. With a command I could do /n [player name] For all the names that person had.
    Well hope this change is successful! ;)
  20. Pro tip. If you don't change your name you wouldn't have to worry about stuff like locked chests still working
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