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  1. I may be posting this in the wrong section, but what mods are permitted in EMC?
  2. Approved Mods
    The following mods are approved for usage on EMC. If you need support with using or installing these mods, post a thread in the General Minecraft Discussion Forum.

    You may likely use whatever Single Player mods you wish as long as they don't break any of the rules regarding Disallowed Mods. See Incompatible Mods for other mods you may also install although the functionality is not guaranteed. Any mod not listed on any list is to be presumed to be disallowed until approved as stated in Request a Mod.

    Useful Tools(top)


    HUD and Map(top)

    NOTE: ALL radar, including cave and mob radars must be off!


    Mods Required to Utilize an Approved Mod(top)

    If any of the Approved Mods Require a separate Mod in order to work - you may assume that Mod is also allowed; but when in doubt, request the mod to be approved.
    ***Mods will not necessarily be compatible and work together***
    Any additional questions regarding Approved Mod Usage can be directed to chickeneer.

    1.8 mods(top)

    EMC allows modifications that don't give an unfair advantage over others.

    I win.
  3. Let us know if you would like further help ;)
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  4. Semi-related question about mods. If a mod is listed 1.7.4+ will it work on EMC or does it have to be 1.7.9?
  5. It will work because you can play EMC on all 1.7 versions
    P.S. We only recommend you use 1.7.9 so our custom player and mob heads will show up
  6. Custom heads only work on 1.7.9?
  7. Yeah any versions below 1.7.9 the custom heads would show up as steve
  8. This is correct, because 1.7.9 uses a different system for gathering data on the heads, so 1.7.9 is what is needed for heads to not show up as Steve :)