Empire Minecraft 1.7.2 Update

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  1. At long last, the Empire finally updates to 1.7.2! You must now use the 1.7.2 client to connect. 1.6.4 will no longer work!

    We are very sorry for the delay that this update took, but this was the largest update in MC history and it took a long time for CraftBukkit to update.

    It looks like the build is mosty stable, minus a small hiccup we had on launch, all should be running now!

    Please report bugs by PM to Me/Maxarias to get to me the quickest.

    Post Update Checklist:
    • Wastelands: Reset
    • Nether Fortress / Witch Huts Broke: Update coming soon
    • New 750k Outposts in Frontier: Pending more development (This may take a bit)
    • 1.6 Items in shop: 1.6 will be added shortly
    • 1.7 Items in shop: We always wait until the next major update to add new items to the shop to give players tons of time to set the economy up the way they want for those items. They will be added in 1.8
  2. Now for Dragon Tombs.. :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Let it also be known that at one time cddm95ace's post did not include the "EDIT:" part. Funny? No? Okay..
  3. Sweet! Just in time for finals week to end :)

    EDIT: Let it be known that Haro's post said "First" at one point
  4. Yay, 1.7 :D
  5. You couldn't just let me have it could you :p

    For the record, it actually said "Ejdj" because I spammed my phone then hit post.. Then I change it to "First - Reserved" THEN I read the OP and posted the legit comment lol
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  6. Yay, 1.7! :D Now we wait for 1.8 to delay dragon tombs! :p
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  7. Stained glass blocks are now available in EMC :)
    This calls for some pixel art...
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  8. #ThanksALotAikar :)
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  9. Stained glass & new logs. All the opportunities....
  10. Shearing a sheep causes an instant disconnect from server.
  11. Drat...
    Rainbow sheep attack...
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  12. Awesome! Thank you Aikar!
  13. 13th! attempted for haro's spot!
  14. The frontier looks so cool, especially from the live map where new 1.7 chunks are loaded.
    Already got all the new plant items from the frontier :p
    From Smp3:

    Edit: The Frontier is severely confused. Yes, that is completely flat for several hundred blocks.
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  15. Thanks Aikar!
    Do not worry about the time it took to update. Some things are better off not rushed and I am sure that it took as long as it needed.
    Now excuse me while I make colored glass!
  16. i must generate the chunks near my outpost O_O
  17. the sheep and itemframe issues are resolved. happened to be the same thing.
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  18. Thank you! This update was WELL worth the wait!