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  1. oh well u should use that site to find the sofware u need
  2. I know it exists but we do not condone speaking of it or linking to it. It is an offense that could result in a ban but I know you didn't mean to be malicious. Just be aware we do not condone illegal activity here. Pirating software is illegal.

    Thanks for trying to help, however. :)
  3. For most of it I just selected the built-in microphone from the menu in the recording window. the default is set as "none" i think... but if you change it, it should record audio too.

    Quicktime is good enough for what we need, and iMovie is godawful. After struggling through working with iMovie for a week or so, I found out I had access to Final Cut Pro last night, scrapped all my iMovie stuff, started over, and had the podcast done in like 5 hrs, having never used Final Cut Pro before. If you have iMovieHD, that's another story. I've heard good things about that, but I don't have access to it. Plus, Final Cut is industry standard, so I'm gonna use it if I can.

    Also, I don't know what your other post with the link was about, but I get my software legally. I have access to Final Cut through my university, and Quicktime is free and already installed, so that's easiest.
  4. u should let me edit youre videos i could make them freaking godlike i got prohd version
  5. No thanks.
  6. just for everyone's benefit, the first episode is up and the video is on the home page :)