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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft community!

    This is Yukon1200 here informing you all of an up and coming project of mine along with my friend JabrZer0. We are starting a YouTube page called Empire MineCast! It is a pod cast of our daily fun and shenanigans on the great Empire. We plan on putting up some videos after JabrZer0's redstone contest is done.

    We do have some videos we are editing to start out, like burning JabrZer0's Utopia Tree of Life, and during that video we came up with the idea of Fire Games XD

    So we would both like to ask all of you for some idea suggestions for future videos, including but definitely not limited to fun build projects, survival challenges, and what ever else that comes to mind that could be even slightly entertaining :)
  2. Glad to see this, I have been thinking of ways to encourage the community to do more stuff like this :) Please let me know when the first is up!
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  3. We most definitely will my good sir!
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  4. Recording/editing all of the redstone contraptions is probably going to take a little while, so it could be a few days by the time we can organize the page and upload the MineCast videos.
  5. subscribed to the channel :D and maybe you can have some guests join in some videos? :)
  6. It is almost completely guaranteed that there will be other players in the videos :) What kind of community would we be if JabrZer0 and I were the only ones in it? Our community is more than just two players :D
  7. Dang your smart.. I read what you said and I am like.. how come I can't think of any responses like that....
  8. Its looking like this weekend is when we will get some videos up. I'll give updates as to an exact date as we get closer to the weekend.
  9. Minecraft vs. Wild is my first reaction to this topic
  10. What do you mean?
  11. Just a, "Survive the Wild" in EMC sort of thing
  12. This is something we want to try, but simply surviving is a fairly simple task, and is a pretty general concept (i.e. everyone does this). We are looking for challenges to go along with this :p
  13. Hmm...

    I guess I have some random rules that could become something.


    -You shall not kill a single living animal! (Which forbids the killing of pigs, chickens, cows, mooshrooms and spiders)
    -You shall not pass by a single Creeper; all of them must be battled.
    -You shall create a TN-wait, you're no Diamond supporter...
    -You shall build a gigantic Nether wheat farm.
    -You shall dig under a desert until a mineshaft is located.
    -You shall wear Gandalf outfits.
    -You shall survive on one island with two saplings and three seeds. And there is NO RETURN for 20 days.
    -You shall craft a temple in dedication to something in The Wild. And griefing is allowed...
    -You shall place a sign in devout to a character from The Adams Family every 1000 blocks traveled.
  14. Some of those are good ideas, so keep them coming :p remember, these don't all just have to be main challenges, they can also be sub challenges to another challenge, like adding the don't kill animals one to the survive on the island one.
  15. -You shall discover a brand new Mushroom Island, and live there!
    -You shall build a floating fortress somewhere.
  16. Doctor got you on some meds ....huh! :D
  17. ????
  18. Thou shalt build the Trojan Horse and fill it with lava, making a trigger for the trap as well. The trigger can be obvious or camoflauged, but I think this would be a difficult scenario...

    Thou shalt build a temple of tnt with the help of a diamond supporter, then detonate it at the end of the casting.
  19. I don't quite understand the mechanics of the horse? is it full of lava and then triggered to burn, or does the trigger release lava or what?
  20. I think we'll feature a creation by one person in every episode... we'll see. Or we might just explore a town on one of the smp's. who knows?