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  1. Yukon, basically the horse would have to have an inner lining of a non-flammable material, then a piston-door opens in the bottom to drop the lava onto the people "opening" the belly of the horse.
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  2. That actually sounds pretty awesome XD
  3. Glad you like it, though from what I hear, double wooden slabs are non flammable and as hard as obsidian, so maybe use that to build the horse... I personally have too much left to do on my Utopia and smp6 res's to build a big wooden horse filled with lava right now...
  4. haha ok ill play around with materials and see if it'll work if we decide to do something with it :p
  5. If you do decide to, let me know, I might be able to supply the materials you need.
  6. will do :)
  7. Hmm if you plan to make it daylie, how about choosing themes per day?
    You could show a residence of your choice every monday. Whenever theres a contest running in the Empire, show some of the builds on thursday. Make saturday or sunday the communityday where you make something crazy with random members of EMC, and so on :) I'll edit if I have additional ideas^^
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  8. Great keep the ideas coming we are going to need lots of them :) We are thinking about making a biweekly video with several small segments or maybe just one really big and awesome one. This could change, as do most things, but regardless we are going to need all the creativity we can get!
  9. This sounds really cool! Hope I'm able to be in a few videos in the future.
  10. We will try our best to include as many community members as possible, although it is not guaranteed that there will be guests in every video we make, as that could potentially get very annoying for obvious reasons :p
  11. Maybe you could make some videos where you make huge stuff in wilderness and just record you doing it. Then if it get's griefed everyone will cry and you will get more people to see ur vids :p
  12. yes, but the question still would be "What in the name of the Minecraft Gods do we build?"
  13. Maybe you could have "community spotlights" showing peoples town and wilderness creations.
  14. that is an idea that has already been being tossed around :) we would just need a fair way to choose who they would be though
  15. How.about have people request a spotlight then do them in order of when you got the request?
  16. and if we get 10,000 requests? Its not very practical to do that. Everyone is rightfully proud of their creations, but there are some things that are spotlight worthy, and some that are just another auto-farm.
  17. Get people to vote in the thread on what to spotlight on? Or just choose yourself based on what looks good.
  18. this is a possibility. Its an idea that needs polished that's for sure. We'll figure it out when we go to do one :p
  19. Castle, fortress, xp grinders, farms, villages (with houses, farms, comunity mines, forges...) or an statue?
  20. Ok cool.