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  1. The new Empire MineCast logo:

    As for when we'll make a video, as Yukon said, it will probably be this weekend, after the redstone contest stuff has wrapped up :) we're tossing some ideas around right now as to what we're going to do for the first one. I'm loving the ideas so far. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Can i be in a video with you guys? I got a question acually so i will talk to one of you later about it :)
  3. OK SOOOOOOO, now that Jabr and I have finished with the Redstone Contest stuff, we will be hopefully be uploading our first video either tomorrow or Wednesday :D
  4. It all depends on how quickly I can learn to use final cut pro :) which I just found out I have access to. No more iMovie!!!!! YAY.
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  5. I KNOW. iMovie is such a head ache for those of you who don't know. and for the record I will be learning final cut pro as well so that means it will go twice as fast in the future :)
  6. Or not, but at least I won't have to do ALL the editing, which will be nice.
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  7. that was more sarcasm/optimism really
  8. Episode 1 is made! (and there's only one small error!). It will be up as soon as we can write a post here and put the video online. I'll be honest, it's maybe not our best material, but as a first try, I think it's a good start to the MineCast
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  9. cant wait to see it :D
  10. we can't wait for your reactions :) AND INPUT please keep up the ideas we need them!
  11. I'm really looking forward to seeing this! :D I'm sure it will be great!
  12. So what software do you record in? I saw Quicktime Video in the 1st video with the Tree of Life. ;)
    I also run a Mac, and I am curious if you use the free version or not. :)
  13. I've been recording with the free Quicktime software that comes with Macs, and I just found out that my university has Final Cut Pro X, so I used that to edit. Last night was the first time I've ever used it, so the first episode of the MineCast is a bit rough around the edges. But I'm learning quickly :)
  14. Cool. So how did you get voice over the video? I can't figure out how to import it while I edit my films... I am trying to get a handle on it without purchasing anything... :)
  15. We just used his microphone on his laptop?
  16. i f you need help id like to help you i have extremely well video editing skills and i could also edit sound

  17. i movie bro its the best i can edit youre videos just tell me what to do i can do anything
  18. Yes, I was trying to put the sound on the video but it wouldn't go into iMovie... I had to record the sound separately in Quicktime... I started 1) video recording and 2) voice recording but I can't join them together in iMovie and I don't own any other software as I am broke and cheap...
  19. dont use quicktime its crap
  20. Haha, I am using free stuff and I removed your 2nd post as we do not permit links to such sites...