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  1. all viable ideas :) Just keep them coming and well use whatever sounds fun :)
  2. make an ocean biome survival video, i believe one of the outposts on smp7 is an ocean biome :)
  3. again, ideas keep them coming, but lets all start to add sub challenges too, to make a super challenge of sorts
  4. MineCast is a pretty catchy, yet easily imagined catch phrase (meaning its probably been used a million times on the internet already but i digress). Were not going to change it because half of the name was done before, and since we did come up with the name without knowing of Djozane's videos. There is no relation between his videos and ours of course.
  5. I think they might be thinking about permabanning me, so id love to subscribe and watch it to keep updated lol. ;)
  6. Why?
  7. Idk, banned multiple times, high up players have been nodding towards that.
  8. What have you been banned for?
  9. Mostly getting overreacted when someone tries to make me mad or rip me off.
  10. You should totally change your attitude, and stop posting stuff about it on forums, that will certainly get you banned faster.
    A discussion it's totally ok, but getting over people everytime, well that's just bad bro.
  11. K, ill just keep quiet.
  12. And please don't post about it on other threads
  13. Sorry, not his fault. I asked him about it.
  14. well that was legitimate curiosity. It wouldn't have been sparked if he hadn't been posting everywhere about the possibility of him being banned.
  15. I'm sorry, but what?
  16. the videos
  17. Like I said before, we'll make sure people make it into the videos one way or another, we just don't know who.

    On another note, we have the videos for the first episode taped, as well as a pretty cool first intro video (with a big thanks to JustinGuy for lending us the items :) ) So once the Redstone Contest is all wrapped up, then we will start the editing process on all of those, and get it up as soon as we can :D