EMCs Referrals 5k Bonus

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  1. Did you know!

    For several years EMC has had a referral bonus scheme, if you introduce a friend to the server and they name you as the referee when they sign up you can get a 5k rupee bonus for introducing them to EMC.

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  2. Aye. I helped a friend out in 2018, they clicked on my referral banner, but found the place wasn't for them. It caught me by surprise to suddenly receive 5,000r when I was in-game. XD
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  3. It was done as a way of promoting the server and giving players rewards for the effort. Like a lot of things it can get forgotten about.
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  4. Yup, I did! Referrals are also required for some forum trophies.
    The 5k referral bonus once alerted me to the suspicion that someone joined EMC specifically to sent me a private message. That is still a bit of a mystery to me. o.(o)
    Here is a post about this mysterious message I received.
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  5. I've received the referral bonus a few times. I have absolutely no idea how I have 21 referrals, though. I found out about that this year, too!! It would only be 4 with my alts. :confused:
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  6. I feel that, I was surprised when I received the only one I did, because I remember putting my EMC referral banner out on a single Minecraft account on an unrelated Minecraft-themed website!
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  7. How do you know that you've got 21?
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  9. i forgot to refer myself on a few of my alts 😭
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  10. Naughty Faded >:)
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