EMC's 12 Days of Christmas 2020

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. Snowball fight sounds like fun! I’ll try to be there.
  2. I’m curious... why no avalaunchers?
  3. fairness
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  4. I am so ready to go to war! Snow War that is :p
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  5. Enjoyed the bash that wasn't snowball flighting haha. Chicken has some explaining to do lol
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  6. I almost terrorized the entirety of green team lel, if it weren't for me dying to fall damage repeatedly
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  7. #ChickeneerBawked
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  8. Thanks for leaving the hot tub there, it was a nice way to warm up! :D

    (Wait, that's not what it was for?)
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  9. The tree's looking a bit bare, another 24 hours might you share? (only if you care- it needs more wool to wear!)

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  10. I checked and it looked covered. It started as bedrock originally and players covered it completely from what I can tell.
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  11. There's no /promo stockings listed under /promo.
  12. sleep addled brain forgot to type enable...
    one sec
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  13. I decided to take a pic of the snowflake I made yesterday lol

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  14. The top and bottom of the tree did not have build permission....are they going to stay like this?

    I think we managed to cover all the bedrock in all the buildable areas before the time closed.

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  15. Can we get another 24 hours with permissions for the top and bottom to do something about it? Unless staff are planning on doing something....?
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  16. I think Krysyy has plans for them
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  17. Did we miss a day or maybe I missed it :p
  18. Saturday was the update. Looks like that didn't get put in
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  19. I thought it was. Thanks :)
  20. Seems like Day 6 was maybe 6 Nether Updates