EMC, what do YOU want?

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  1. With Summer in full swing and recent threads discussing the actions of the community it raises the question, what do YOU want to do on EMC? There are so many things that we can do this Summer as we are approaching our 4th year anniversary, so let's make this summer a memorable one as it may be my last.

    Last Summer (June) I started a now popular event, Friday Night Miners, and although I didn't plan on it becoming a huge success it turned out to be. So why don't we do more as a community as that event was supposed to do and bring the community together for fun.

    What do you want? Do you want more events? Do you think our marketplace, auctions, products/businesses/services needs more love? Do you want to participate in more wilderness outposts or expeditions? Do you want to build in town and start projects like the old Smp4 project (Huge amount of residences build)? Although I can't guarantee any of these things to you, I would like to do my best to make the rest of the summer and your experience on EMC the best.

    This isn't an official post from the staff team or anything of the sort, I'm coming to all of you as a regular, motivated member of the community and would love for some other members to help me in this endeavor to get it running as smooth as possible!

    ***Disclaimer: Any posts in the comments that break the rules of EMC will be edited/deleted as I am only looking to have a productive discussion with the community about what direction we'd like to go in. :)
  2. Chickeneer for mod

    Just kidding. More large builds for sure! I miss the smp4 project.
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  3. ...
  4. More wild love pls
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  5. Chickeneer for mod confirmed?!?
  6. What do you mean this summer might be your last?
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  7. Going into my senior year of high school so have to do my best, plus working and sports will be hard to find time for quality EMC. :(
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  8. We understand, but we'll still miss you! Long live king samsimx!
  9. I'm saddened to hear that this may be your last summer on EMC. FNM was the reason I stayed initially on this server. So a big thank you for spearheading that!
    As I've only been here since April, I don't recognize some of the above ideas. But I'm partial to build projects, and the idea of a community build project, sounds interesting. ^_^
  10. My brain is working on ideas regarding wild events. I had a good one in mind but it qualifies as raiding - so that's not gonna happen. I'll ponder on it though. :)
  11. confirmed
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  12. I'd like lots of firefloors, and maybe death events where you don't lose your things?
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  13. I think a Lottery run by EMC itself would be a cool idea kinda be like The Power Ball or possible have somehow Scratch Offs (idk how that'd work in minecraft). But the catch with the lottery is that lottery run by players are still illegal.
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  15. Lotteries are cool, but would a random giveaway be equivalent? People put their names into a system and one is randomly drawn?
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  16. More events like the 'Show Your Love Event' that was cool :D
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  17. Quizzes! I always love quizzes, doesn't have to be big or have a specific topics. A general pub quiz is a good example :)
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  18. Agreed. Big builds would be great!

    I also miss ICC's old death head drops, where the staff would leap off cliffs so that people would possibly get their heads, and then a death event would follow. Good, classic carnage.
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  19. That works as well, but personally I'd like to be able to buy a lottery ticket like with 5 numbers and if you match all of them you win