EMC Staff Application [Updated May 29th, 2013]

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  1. All old applications have been wiped and it is time to start canvasing for a new group of moderators while we continue to grow. Please read all parts of the application very carefully, and fill it out as honestly as possible!

  2. "I know I'm not supposed to bring up the mod application, but (talks about mod application)" :p
    Plox reed mi aplicashin n sy wat u <3!!111! yolo

    *This was not easy to type...
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  3. Glad to see EMC still needs more moderators!
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  4. I forsee a lot of spam applications. :p
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  5. Which is why I made the joke comment. :p
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  6. yay EMC applications open again

    this deservers to be in the news fourm

    EMC is epic there having new mods

    *EDIT* Don't triple post, please.
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  7. Our mission: get this thread longer than the last...
  8. I'm happy to see the moderators getting some new blood!!
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  9. Mine is sent:)
  10. Great to see the new moderator application is up and running :)
  11. hmm when i presed send the website crashed so i wonder if it still sent
  12. YOLO and YODO, too.

    You only love once, and you only die once, too.
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  13. Perhaps so many people did it that they mimicked a DDoS?
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  14. if i am a moderator i will not cancel my gold just to fund the server with 10$ a month and i know its not much but still ^_^ just to help
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  15. Even Newer Mission: Get this thread longer then the LLO one!
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  16. You obviously didn't read the different side notes as it says several times in the form that "letting mods know you posted your resume will most likely make you ineligible to become a mod"