EMC Show Yourself Thread 2022

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krysyy, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. They look amazing
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  2. ooooh, a Rammstein T-shirt :D
  3. Rammstein shirt!

    I was at Rammstein too! In Nijmegen, but still haha

    Also, to keep it on topic, here is me in july at a friends wedding at a castle!

  4. Yesssss >:) I was originally meant to see them on their European tour in 2020 but it was postponed because of the pandemic. However, they'd already made their tour merch with 2020 dates so repurposed it (The "Ohne dich" stamp on the chest means "Without you") and I just thought it was so unique and had to get one :p

    Finally saw them in June and they were phenomenal :love: :<3:
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  5. Oooo you were in the Feurzone :O If I wasn't on the shorter side I'd love to get up close haha... I still felt the heat during their set though :fire: :rolleyes:
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  6. eh, got the tickets in 2019, I know the story :D
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  7. Have one of me while I sit in a very important chair. If you know, you know.
  8. I certainly don't!
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  9. It's CaptainSocks75
  10. I graduated as a Bachelor of Science!

    PS: The flowers are LEGO. :D
  11. Congratulations! You look very nice. :)

    (And I am intrigued by the LEGO flowers)
  12. Congrats, 607! :D:+1:
  13. And I thought this notification was from you posting a picture of yourself. :(
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  14. Agree with above.
    Post a pic of these Lego flowers!!
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  15. My backpack was full enough as is, I had my mother take them home again. :rolleyes: I might construct the set over the holidays.
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