EMC is a lie!

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  1. The acronym for Empire Minecraft is EMC:
    [E]mpire [Mine[c]raft
    But Minecraft is only one word
    So it's EM.

    We've all been living a lie.
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  2. Plot twist:
    The C really stands for cult.
    Empire Minecraft Cult.
  3. Nah. E stands for Empire.
    And usually, MC stands for Minecraft. Seriously, everyone abbreviates minecraft as MC.
    So, what do you get? EMC! :p
  4. We have been slaves all this time. We vote every day and only think we get rewards for it but it's all fake. I just realized now because I can't seem to get my voters sword out of my screen.
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  5. They have brainwashed this poor man!
    They force us to play everyday, and use promos to keep us enslaved.
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  6. Empire Mine Craft

  7. Everyday Minecraft Chat
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  8. Everyone Must Chill
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  9. So, I play the game called M. It's pretty cool.

  10. Nope, it's built up out of three words. empire, mine and craft.
  11. EMC is real but the cake is a lie
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  12. The C is for Corporation. Empire is an incorporated business entity.