EMC gone a bit dull?

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  1. Just lately I have noticed that alot of things are not so crazy and exciting on EMC it's kinda just people afk on mob spawners, I think that to alot of people, its all about the money, ( please dont comment icdont care about money because it was a general opinion) I really want some competition with no prizes just for people to show off creations little or small and to be put into a gallery for all to see, maybe a subforumn of just a pic of something YOU believe is nice and have pride in it.

    There would only be a like button no comments , so people's creations little or big can be shown, even if it's a fully planks small house, it is still a house someone respects so it should be applauded! I believe our community should go back to loving building and such, and not about money or selling enchanted items or stuff. Just yeah a nice gallery would be nice for me to browse and smile and all the creations there :)
    Does anyone have anything to add?

    Btw no bad comments about not wanting money or just a out money please keep it on-topic and positive :D
  2. I agree.
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  3. EMC is an economy server. Don't get me wrong: creations and the like are great fun. But what use are they once they are built? The economy is what makes the server(s) FUN! And don't forget, some great creations are stores.
  4. Son I think you have gone a bit dull if you think EMC has gone a bit dull....
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  5. i also think there was more activity every night smp1~5 would be full it was amazing.. now they rarely peak 40 last night.. whats up? are we not getting our name out there? OR people who we have banned have been spreading rumors about us? We MUST make our name known! But how? well we could use tonicthunders thing or make a new one and have someone pay for it to be promoted as an ad on a mc server site.. Anything to get more people on emc is a good thing in my opinion :)
  6. I think EMC is still boss<3
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  7. (there needs to be a heart emoticon!) <-- because that is where it would go!
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  8. Well...... i have an idea. I will post it on forum.
  9. ...???
  10. Time to lead by example. ;)
  11. I know! I remember getting very mad when EMC was full and it just kept kicking me. You'd think that it would be more crowded with all the new players. Do they just go back to their prison server because they ran out of rupees? It's very confusing.
  12. But the point in Minecraft is to explore and build. It cant just be about money sometimes.

    I think Aikar (Spelling?) should hold a wild base contest, as he is the king of the wild.
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  13. *Aikar

    Yes, but not necessarily the point of servers. What would our population be without an economy?
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  14. There are many severs without a economy that do just fine. I think Justin and ICC should add in some more stuff for wild people. What do I suggest? A EMC trading post half way between the main spawn and the outposts. Sure, it has to do with the economy but it will make it easier for the wild people to sell their goods, mainly if their WAY far out.
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  15. I don't care about money.
  16. no offense but: who called aikar king?
    It seems a bit dumb to proclaim king someone that hides his bases as top secret and does nothing to the community.

    Keeping on topic:
    Something for you to think of: none of the shop contest winners care about money or prizes (some of them never even took the pickaxes from my residence) but they cared about that little badge that stated that their shop was top clas, they just wanted recognition from other members and cause of their work.
  17. still great servers, but also a great idea, if its not a shop almost no-one seems to care. I would love to show my japanese house, hell I would like to go around like a journalist trying to find good builds. Sounds great!
  18. Why if we make something like a monthly video with people's voices and help showing and explaining their creations?!
  19. yeah, good idea, we could have it run by the community, not just the staff and we could show cool stuff and have little edits from funny stuff in EMC. This could be great!
  20. I spoke with Justin and eventually he will make it so people can set shops up in the wild, not sure how long it will be untill its implemented as i expect he has a lot on his plate.
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