EMC "Entity" changes - Distance to activate

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Aikar, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. hmmm so it is.

    so did the update go in about making it so sheeps don't eat grass if they have their wool? because I think I still see them doing that.
  2. Should be noted that townand the wilderness/wasteland do not have the same chunk render distance.
    if you are close to them, they will still move, but they should be more exempt as opposed to sheared sheep.
  3. What about making a "Sustainer" option, for those who need/want it.

    Setting-up a 10% designated "tick" for them would not impact the game much. Having it decay 1% each day, after logging-off. Selectively addressing only specific concerns with that option on set residences.

    They would still get 100% of the available ticks, while on the residence, without triggering neighboring residences too. Until they step out of their residence, then it acts as normal. Giving them more than 10%, if there is enough free server-time, but taking that 1% decay into consideration, as a maximum x10... (Eg, 10% for sure, up to 100% if available. When it is down to 1%, they get up to 10% that day, which would be day 10, before it goes to 0%, which would be 0% x10 after the 10th day.)